2 Simple and Effective Health Tips!

Jess Haslett – Kinesiologist and Shoreham MNC Manager gives us 2 simple everyday health tips.
Jess has over 12 years experience treating adults and children using Kinesiology and Emotional Freedom Technique. Working from the Tree of Life Centre in Hove she offers truly holistic, gentle and effective treatments supporting those on their path to wellness and balance.

We are bombarded daily with new diet plans, exercise classes, superfoods and foods to be avoided at all cost. I suggest you start by listening to your body and your mind. These 2 simple tips are quick and easy to achieve each day but the positive effect they could have on year health and wellbeing may be enormous.

1 – Water, Water, Water
No matter what other things come up in a Kinesiology session with me, I will always remind each client to drink enough water.
Up to 80% of our body is made up of water, and every day we lose around 1.5 litres of water through the skin. Water is essential for every physical and chemical process within the body. Not tea, not coffee, and certainly not fizzy drinks. I enjoy a cup of good coffee as much as the next person, but it is vital to keep our bodies hydrated with at least 8 good size glasses of water each day.
Make the water more appealing by using a lovely glass jug or decanter at home or work, perhaps with some slices of fruit, vegetables or herbs added (lemon, cucumber and mint is a favourite)
So many of my clients report noticeable, and often dramatic results from better hydration – increased energy, and better quality sleep, to name just two.

2 – Get Moving
If you have a favourite exercise class or gym routine then please keep with it, remembering variety can be the spice of life – mix it up now and then to avoid losing motivation.
In addition, or if you currently have very little focused physical movement in your day then find just 5-10 minutes each day to go for a walk. Even if it is just up the road and back, or round the block. You will benefit greatly from the physical movement of your limbs, and from being outside in the open air, reaping the rewards emotionally if you also use this as a rest for your mind.
Ideally don’t take your phone, or please leave it in your pocket for the duration of your walk and, instead of looking down at your screen, look around you as you walk and fully notice what you see – the shapes of the clouds in the sky, the sound of the birds, or the traffic, or the people around you. Notice any people you see and offer them a smile. Recognise the emotional uplift when they gift you a smile in return.

I really hope this has inspired you to reconsider your health and wellbeing from a simpler, more achievable starting point. You can do it!
Health Kinesiology – restoring balance to body and mind.
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