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Nicky and Sara are the beauty and brains behind My Networking Club. They make a unique, driven, ambitious and very tenacious team. They are like an old married couple: they laugh at ridiculous things, ignore each other often, have at least 10 new ideas a day and find each other only mildly irritating!  They have an opposite taste in almost everything but find common ground in mad adventures, hard work, wine and literature.

They understand the fundamental challenges of raising a family alongside building a business.  They know that having a support crew, be it personal, your business partner or your business networking club, to support your endeavours is crucial.    

They lead by example and always try very hard to think outside the box.  They are never afraid to work outside their comfort zone. They make a dynamic team, that continues to raise the profile of the UK’s small businesses. They believe that giving back is good for business too and in June 2019 Sara and Nicky embarked on their most daring charity stunt… Wing Walking! Actually strapped to the top of a plane and doing a loop the loop! Nicky LOVED it. Sara is still in recovery!

Both Nicky and Sara are proud to run a network that provides help with starting up a new business, business advice for growth and put simply, connecting small business owners to a huge bunch of friendly, business people, that are ready to engage and champion others alongside themselves. 

Sara and Nicky Photo

Nicky Chisholm


Statistics, Digital strategy, Sponsorship. Nicky loves adventure, and her camping trips in her camper van. She is always on the lookout for new digital ideas to bamboozle Sara! Her favourite quote is “Be so Awesome they can’t ignore you”

Sara Guiel


Business strategy, Communications, Training.  Sara loves to contrast her sophisticated city breaks with practically feral summer holiday camping trips with her trusty old Bell tent. Sara’s favourite quote is “Of course it’s true, I read it on Facebook”

Supporting Charity

Nicky and Sara truly believe in the power of giving back . They understand that madcap adventures can feed into your business strategy and your personal and professional development.  They are NEVER afraid of going the extra mile. They’ve been there, done it, got the t-shirt, and can show you how to do it too.   Their escapades have included :


  • A cross country ski marathon in the Arctic Circle
  • An abseil down Arundel Castle!
  • The Nuts Challenge – a freezing cold, crazy assault course.
  • The London Breast Cancer Moonwalk

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