Life in lockdown: 24 hours as a working Mum

Life in lockdown: 24 hours as a working Mum

Working from home is a whole other ballgame when you’ve got kids around. MNC co-founder Nicky Chisholm fills us in on her 24 hours in lockdown.

Nicky Chisholm, MNC co-founder

Nicky Chisholm

Sara (fellow MNC co-founder) and I have worked even harder in lockdown than normal. Pre-lockdown we had time to breathe in between driving to our networking meetings. But now, with the pressures of home life with kids there’s very little down time.
It’s a very intense working day Monday to Friday and then we also do a little prep at the weekend. It’s hard to put the business to bed when a lot of our weekday time is taken up homeschooling. 

We are feeling knackered now. But things can ease off a little as we have all the new tech, timetable and community sponsors team in place. We’re getting into the swing of lockdown life. So what does it look like for me?

6am – 7am

I tend to wake up at around 6am and love this time in bed with a hot cup of tea. I either get ahead of the day checking my emails and socials, or I read my book.

Most days I can’t wait to get out of bed and see what lies ahead. With the peace and quiet and the fresh smells in the air, morning is my favourite time of day.

7am – 8.30am

I have a quick shower then leave the house for my daily walk with my husband. We’re so lucky to live by the sea.
We both love the sound of the waves and at this time no one is around. We have a quick coffee on the empty beach and do our Facebook Lives into our businesses.
Nicky and husband on the beach

8.30am – 9.30am

When we get back from the beach I make sure our boys (11 and 15 years old) are up and having brekkie. They usually get up around 8am and wander around in various states of readiness until we get back. 

At 9am ‘school’ starts and they’re engaged in learning. I always check in on them before I start the first meeting of the day. 

9.30am – 12pm

At 9.30 I have a Zoom check in with the team. We talk about all of the upcoming events, social media, blogs and any planning for the weeks ahead. 

Next is the Worthing Zoom meeting. Sara and I fill everyone in on the news, then our members present their pitches before we enter break-out time with members entering smaller ‘meeting rooms’ with three or four members. 

We say goodbye to the members and then the managers have a quick debrief. 

It’s an intense two hours. I’ve had to get up to speed on the tech very quickly, but we’ve found that members are really enjoying their virtual meetings. It’s been a big change, but it’s amazing how everyone has adapted so quickly.  

Zoom meeting

12pm – 1pm

I check on all of our social and business stats and cash flow before I start the member follow-ups and engagement on socials.

1pm – 3pm

Then before I know it, back to work. This week we’re working on mission statement part 2 and on new opportunities for upskilling and visibility for our community.

After a spot of lunch in the garden listening to the radio I help the kids with their school work.  This week we learnt about Lady Macbeth’s madness, and in chemistry we did acid and alkaline.

3pm – 5pm

My brain is slowing down now so I try to do admin-type tasks.

5pm – 7.30pm

Now it’s all about family. I prep dinner, do some housework and hang out with the kids. We’re trying to take it in turns cooking dinner. Our lockdown favs are mexican wraps, pizza and homemade fish, chips and peas.

7.30pm – 9pm

This is our veg time. We watch tv, catch up with friends and family and try and talk to the kids if we’re all not too exhausted! Usually I’ll have a walk around the block and wave at neighbours.
Nicky family catch up

9pm – 10pm

In the last hour of my day I’ll write my diary and do my gratitude list. This is something Shahida, our Brighton Manager, got me back into. In my diary I write a download of all the ideas, queries and problems in my head. Then I read. 
I always have a book on the go and read at least two books a week. My favourite book ever is Daphne du Maurier’s ‘Rebecca’. I’m currently reading The Invisible Revolution by Nicola Huelin.

10pm until morning

I am a terrible sleeper and it’s only gotten worse in lockdown. I’m actively working on it with walks, writing a diary and using a weighted duvet. I’m also trying meditation and drinking tonnes of water.

Throughout the day

All throughout the day, as well as my main activities I’m also talking to Sara a million times, cuddling the cat, chasing my teenage boys around the kitchen for a cuddle, having at least 1o news ideas (most of which Sara says ‘No!’ to), eating my secret stash of biscuits and dancing badly in the kitchen to songs on radio. It makes me laugh and the kids cringe! But in lockdown, we have to get our small pleasures where we can. 
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