Farewell 2020 – Time to start a new chapter!

As 2020 comes to a close, MNC Founders Sara and Nicky reflect on a most unpredictable year and look ahead to some big plans…

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Sara & Nicky

2020 – who saw that coming? During the pandemic, we’ve had:

  • 183 zoom meetings
  • 48 real life meetings
  • 7300 visits by December. 

That’s thousands of connections, tears wiped and virtual hugs all round.  Throughout it all, MNC has truly embodied the term ‘virtual support community’.  It hasn’t just been a safety net though. Every one of us has had to adapt and have taken inspiration from each other. We’ve seen members start new businesses, we’ve seen whole swathes of the community adjust their offering and turn it around on a sixpence.     

A whole new world

We’ve learnt new words and new meanings for old words. Businesses were pivoting all over the place! Unprecedented became the most overused (and boring)  word in the English Dictionary. And whole new phrases sprung up: ‘PE with Joe’ anyone? We can just about remember the initial terror of the threat to our businesses and our livelihoods. We can remember the gargantuan task of learning new technology overnight to take all our events online, to keep the community connected and everyone in their roles at head office.  And just as we thought, as regular work-from-home entrepreneurs, that we might be able to pull it off (with a fair wind and a heap of community support), we added homeschooling into the mix!

The whole world seemed to be zooming about – MNC jumped ahead about 10 years in 10 days in its virtual meeting knowhow. It was a team effort and we are truly proud of both our team and our community.  You’ve stepped up and got stuck in with aplomb.  You’ve listened to the rallying call telling you to stay visible, to have a chance of staying viable.  And when the going has been tough, the tough have reached out for help and responded to the call to up-skill and adapt.

If we’ve learnt anything this year, it’s that life and business are unpredictable. At MNC HQ we’re looking ahead to 2021 and are determined to future proof the business for our community. It will be a time to make some big decisions to ensure longevity. It won’t be easy travails, but we’re going to take our own advice and think BIG! Among the madness, we’ve had time to reflect, and now we’re looking forward to 2021. Join us for the journey, you never know where it may lead!

Photo by Florian Klauer on Unsplash


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