How to strengthen your mental health mid-pandemic

The tools to mental resilience exist within you. Harry Mansfield explains how to tap into your superpowers. 

Every single one of us is having to cope with a huge amount of transition and change due to the current pandemic. We are constantly experiencing a wide range of feelings and emotions which come to the forefront of our mind each day. These emotions change quickly. They can be positive; they can be challenging. Whichever they are, if managed in the correct way, it is possible to stay mentally strong. 

We might have to dig a little bit deeper if we feel as though the challenges outweigh the positives but, using techniques which we can all learn, we can improve our mental strength even in testing times.

The tips listed below are a good way to keep ourselves grounded in this time of constant change.

Look for three positives

Every day look for three positives that have happened to one challenge. The mind believes what you tell it, so feed it positives. If you are struggling to find positives, they don’t have to be big. One could quite simply be the fact that you have got up in the morning, had a shower, you have made yourself something to eat. If there has been a challenge, think about how the situation can be improved.

Breathe in, breathe out

When breathing; breathe in for the count of three and out for the count of four. Following on from that, become aware of your rib cage as it rises and falls as you breathe. After that, you can think about the smallest of pauses before taking your next breath.

Be mindful through touch

Find three different things to touch. Make sure that you do them separately. Take the time to think about the temperature of it, the texture of it, the different shapes and colours that it might have.

Choose your conversation companion wisely

If you need a pick me up/conversation with a friend decide what is it that you actually need. Is it laughter, encouragement, a listening ear, or perhaps even a kick up the backside! Either choose the friend accordingly or, tell them what you need from them.

Understand you can’t control everything

Be aware of what you can control and what you can’t control. Don’t add to your anxieties and difficulties.

My name is Harry Mansfield and I am a Mental Wellness Coach. I believe everyone deserves good mental health and I am offering a unique preventative model to help my clients remain mentally strong for life.

My social enterprise, The Awareness Key, trains people, from kids to corporates, to help prevent mental health issues and never has this been so important as now due to the pandemic.

You may have heard of mental health for first aid (MHFA) which, when required is a service when people have already been impacted and are not able to cope with life’s curve balls. I am passionate about helping people BEFORE a mental health challenge starts by making strengthening mental health as normal as strengthening one’s body in the gym.

The mental health strengthening tips above, when practiced regularly, will give you the ability to be stronger mentally and keep you grounded throughout these unprecedented times.

Photo by Allie on Unsplash 

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