You have to lead your life before you can lead your business

Are you giving your life the attention it deserves? Marina Fernandez offers some perspective to help you live, love and lead.

I remember being seven months pregnant with my second child. As the day was almost over and after clearing dinner, I would continue doing things until I was exhausted, too tired to even smile. I didn’t know how to stop. I hadn’t yet realised that my most important job was not the list of things to do. Nor was it to be the leader of a company, or make a lot of money. It was to be the leader of my life, something that was not happening.

I later realised that if I wanted to be a leader, or any kind of authority, I first had to become the authority in my own life. I reminded myself that I have come here to live and love and not to work and suffer. It is with this reminder that I started to give priority to what was most important: myself.

Do you feel like a leader? Remember that you have come here to lead your life, which comes with a body, a brain and soul. If you are not leading those well, I doubt you can be of service to the rest.

If you’re curious and hungry for life, stopping is something that you have to do consciously. You might want to continue after a busy day, but is your body resisting? Is your mind coping? Is your soul happy? We need the cooperation and trust of all three to function well, to feel balanced and in harmony.

If you are important enough to yourself to make some changes, follow the practices/rituals below and send me an email after a while with how your life has changed.

Three small practices that will have a big impact in your life:

1. Close your mental office

Before you leave the office, the laundry room or whatever it is you are doing, check on your mental office – your head that is. Have a last look and, with gratitude, say “see you in the morning”, switch off the light and close the room behind, closing that part of your brain until the morning.

2.  Check on your luxury car

Imagine your body as if it were a luxury car, after all, it takes you everywhere. Something of such a high value needs to be looked after and pampered properly. Check on what has been happening during the day and what it needs. Prevention rather than cure. Make sure you put petrol, good food and hydrate. My moto is: “If it is good for the queen it is good for me”.

Change clothes. Even if you are working in your leggings at the moment, make the point of changing into your PJs or something else. It changes the energy, from conflict to comfort, from tension to letting it go.

3.  Look after your garden

If your soul was a garden how would it look right now? What is your garden in need of to be balanced and in harmony? A few new plants, water, a trim? Now put that in real life: a conversation with a friend, a few soothing words, meditation. A good book, music or a boogie. Some chill out time, some reasons to laugh?

A good life, like a good anything, increases its value by investing and maintaining it; it is vital. After all, you only have one life, one head, one body and one soul.

Live & love


Marina is a Coach, NLP trainer and self-growth specialist for adults and teenagers. Her mission and passion is to help people in becoming the authorities and leaders of their lives. The results are confident, proud and powerful individuals who do what they came here to do, to live and love in their terms. Follow Marina Zest for Life on her website or email her on marinazestforlife@gmail.com

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