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New Social Media Networking for A New Era

As business starts to settle to a new rhythm at My Networking Club HQ, we’ve been having lots of conversations about how to best serve our membership and our wider community.  Every business is getting used to a brave new dawn post pandemic and MNC is no...

Business and Charity News – Castle Night Trek for Chestnut Tree House

By Kate Henwood This was the sight that greeted Carolyn Strand and I as we stumbled back to the castle last Saturday night/Sunday morning, having completed the Chestnut Tree House Castle Night Trek 2022 at Herstmonceux Castle. Beyond this arch was a glass of bubbles,...

Join the MNC Night Trek for Chestnut Tree House

Come night trekking with MNC's Kate Henwood on 14th May! Kate has teamed up with MNC Members Chestnut Tree House for an adventurous yet fun castle night trek.  We all know charities have struggled during the pandemic but now things are starting to get back to normal...

MNC Dementia Friendly Business Training and Networking Special Events

Learn and Network with MNC and Dementia Friends Worthing.   Come and learn more about how to make your business more inclusive with our free 45 minute training in Worthing and then network with other local businesses attending the course - in collaboration with My...

Horsham MNC Business Networking Special with Sassy Style

A Special Networking Event With MNC and Sassy Style - Open to Non-Members As we move into the new era of MNC, for all our digital ambitions we want everyone to know that we are still committed to face-to-face, in-person networking too! This event is the first new...

My Networking Club – A New Era

A new era has started for My Networking Club. It’s all change ! And we’re starting from the top. By Sara Guiel - Co-Director Carolyn Strand, who is known to the MNC community as the My Networking Club Director of Tech, has taken her place in the MNC board as a full...

Ukraine – How do we help our children?

What do we tell our children? It's not easy as adults to make sense of the world so imagine trying to do that as a small child. Or as a grumpy teen, when you’re already trying to make sense of your own growing pains.  How much should they know? How much is too much? ...

Ukraine – feeling helpless? What you can do right now.

It’s not been easy watching the news of late. Just as we started eagerly anticipating longer days, the easing of restrictions, and putting a spring in our step, the world suddenly got much darker. Many of us don’t really understand the complexities of the political...

Important News from MNC Towers

MNC has been steering a steady path over the past two years. We’ve navigated a pandemic, networked through Lockdowns, welcomed new members and rebranded to embrace a more inclusive future! The Pandemic has given us at HQ occasion to reflect on getting to this point...

How I Accidentally Started An Eco Revolution

Marion Montgomery’s Paws on Plastic group now has over 20,000 followers on social media and has been shortlisted in the Surfers Against Sewage Awards. Here she explains how the project turned her from Primary School Teacher to eco-inspiration. It's funny how your life...

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Business Advice

Is CSR the opportunity your business is missing out on?

Louise Gilbey explains why corporate social responsibility is about more than just giving to charities and how small businesses can benefit.

Collaborate to create impact

Liz Sorton saw a potential opportunity to support the community, but she couldn’t do it alone. Here she shares how collaboration led to the launch of an initiative that could deliver great impact.

My Greatest Lesson: Be prepared to take imperfect action

Kate Henwood is a stickler for detail, but in the latest MNC blog, she explains why ‘done is better than perfect’…

What is your cherry on top?

What added value do you bring to your clients? Liz Ranger discusses the importance of considering their needs to reap the rewards.

Card reader: The essential business tool

If you take payments, a card reader might be the best option for processing. Karen Fabrizi fills us in on what you need to know…

You have to lead your life before you can lead your business

Are you giving your life the attention it deserves? Marina Fernandez offers some perspective to help you live, love and lead.

The businessperson’s guide to retirement planning

Andrew Leppard reminds us why we should start preparing for our later years and how to kick start our retirement plans.

Love or fear: Which is your business born of?

Kasia Rampersad shares her enlightening journey towards a budding business that’s starting to bear fruit.

How SMART are you?

Set up a goal right and you’ll smash it. Barbara Hibbart shares the SMARTIE goals technique that will keep you on target.

Your essential guide to home office security

Now we’re all working from home, it’s on us to ensure we’re protecting our business assets and data. Scott Andrews tells us what we need to know.

Work/Life Balance

The businessperson’s guide to retirement planning

Andrew Leppard reminds us why we should start preparing for our later years and how to kick start our retirement plans.

Time to start planning your holiday!

It’s finally time to start planning some well-earned R&R. Here’s Sally-Jo Asser with advice for planning for a successful break away.

Supporting your family in uncertain times

As family and working life go hand in hand through the Pandemic, Sarahlynn Hodder offers her expert advice for supporting your family’s emotional wellbeing.

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