Business and Charity News – Castle Night Trek for Chestnut Tree House

By Kate Henwood

This was the sight that greeted Carolyn Strand and I as we stumbled back to the castle last Saturday night/Sunday morning, having completed the Chestnut Tree House Castle Night Trek 2022 at Herstmonceux Castle.

Beyond this arch was a glass of bubbles, a cheering homecoming team of supporters and the medal that proves we did it!

I guess the clue was in the name – Castle Night TREK…

We had hills – up and down, long grass, rabbit holes, cattle hoof holes, mole hills, mud, rock hard clay ruts, steps, dogs, gates, the occasional stretch of road (we liked those!), fairy lights, cow pats, coloured marker lights, amazing marshals and support staff from Chestnut Tree House.  There was hot chocolate, portaloos (in a tutu – that’s fun!), a hazy full moon, Hailsham FM, fellow trekkers, interesting conversations, a sense of humour failure at 7Km…and most of all, each other.

Charity Business TeamFor two people who can talk for England, we didn’t say a lo – every ounce of energy and concentration was focussed on the finish line (and the trek back up the hill to the car park!)

But make it, we did and at the time of writing, we’ve raised £606 + GiftAid for Chestnut Tree House, thanks to the amazing generosity of our supporters

650 intrepid trekkers set off into the night, all intent on raising valuable pennies for the children and families who are able to use Chestnut Tree House children’s hospice, completely free of charge.

Did you know they have to raise £10k every day to keep the doors open and the facilities available? Only a tiny percentage of that money comes from government funding.

This is the power of networking whether you are a business, non-profit or charity – the effects ripple out far beyond the room or Zoom – connections are made, relationships forged. Business networking with My Networking Club facilitated the charity reaching supporters, of gaining a fundraising team, spreading their brand, story and needs to a much wider audience and ultimately boosting their fundraising totals.  Their fundraising team utilises their membership in all the best ways – showing up, imparting news, asking for support and appreciating every ounce of support they receive.

If  you’re looking for a challenge and want to help keep those doors open for the families and children who are unlikely to see adulthood, please consider Chestnut Tree House as the beneficiary – every penny really does help!

Find out more about Chestnut Tree House , an incredible local charity and their upcoming events.

Donate to the Castle Night Trek…/KatesCastleNightTrek2022

Charity Trek Medals

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