We are building this resource for our MNC Members.

In the meantime please contact your local MNC Manager or Brand Ambassadors for help. Here are some extra tips for making the most of your MNC membership online:

  • On Facebook

    Every MNC Local Group has its own Facebook Group which you can join, ask questions and find out about other members. You can also post your business information, events and offers in there. You can join the Facebook Group for your home group and all other MNC Groups.

  • MNC Online

    You can also join the MNC Online Facebook Group. This is where all our training, master classes and Learning Festival happens. Make sure you are a member!

  • Twitter Hour

    Join us on Wednesday evenings 8-9pm on Twitter for #MNCHour. Topics and questions are published ahead of time in MNC Online and in local MNC Facebook Groups. Then get on Twitter, search for #MNCHour and sort by latest and the magic will start to happen at 8pm! You may need to refresh your feed occasionally to see the latest tweets. If you are new and not sure about Twitter, follow one #MNCHour on Twitter and then join in the next week! #MNCHour does not run during the school holidays.

We hope to see you soon. Please do reach out if you have any questions.

You can email us right here:

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