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Networking and Social Business Events

In normal circumstances, MNC has a busy calendar of in person and online dates of not only networking meetings but also special events such awards and training sessions.

Right now, of course, everything we do is online!  That doesn’t stop us making new connections, finding collaborations, sparking conversations and upskilling our community though!

Networking Meetings

You will find details and all the dates for MNC Regional, MNC UK and MNC Professional HERE

Interviews,  Announcements, Support & More 

Special announcements, interviews and more can be found on our Facebook and LinkedIn social media pages.  We have a wealth of business knowledge and support in our MNC community, so get involved!   

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Ukraine – feeling helpless?  What you can do right now.

Ukraine – feeling helpless? What you can do right now.

It’s not been easy watching the news of late. Just as we started eagerly anticipating longer days, the easing of restrictions, and putting a spring in our step, the world suddenly got much darker. Many of us don’t really understand the complexities of the political...

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