MNC Focus Wellbeing Event – Top 5 Reasons to Attend

We’re excited about this event we’re holding with our friends at The Chapel in Horsham.

We hope you will be too! Here are our top five reasons to attend our Health and Well-being collaboration with The Chapel on 24th April 2023.  Complimentary tea and coffee will be provided as well as a healthy nutritious, light lunch. Attending will help you to expand your network, generate referrals and build your brand, in a convivial venue provided by Sam Barton and her team at The Chapel in Horsham.  There are limited places so book as soon as possible. MNC members’ places are free.

  1. Expand Your Professional Network: this event will provide an opportunity to connect with other professionals in the health and wellness industry. You can exchange ideas, find support and get advice from other professionals who understand the challenges of running a health and well-being practice.
  2. Build Your Brand: attending this event could help you build your personal brand and promote your services. You’ll get the opportunity to interact with other professionals, sharing your expertise and highlighting what sets you apart from others in the industry.
  3. Business referrals: this event will help you generate referrals from other professionals. When you build relationships with other health and wellness practitioners, they may refer clients to you if they believe your services could benefit their clients. You may meet a nutritionist who can refer their clients to you for counselling services!
  4. New business leads: meeting our other networkers will also help you generate new business leads. You may meet potential clients who are interested in your services or products.
  5. Inspiration and motivation: attending this special networking event at The Chapel will be inspiring and motivating. You’ll meet other successful practitioners who can share their stories and inspire you to achieve your own goals.

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