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Years of business experience, entrepreneurial networking, inspirational leadership and pushing for that extra mile make up the foundations for The MNC Hub.

Sara & Nicky have developed The MNC Hub to provide resources, training, masterclasses and exclusive access to experts to support your business journey.

From your initial idea through to start-up and profitability, The MNC Hub has you covered.

Resources are available at your fingertips, along with training and accountability. If you have a question, just ask right here in The MNC Hub.

It’s the mentor in your corner!

The MNC Hub is also the Home of MNC UK and a developing range of quick to action, off the shelf business training courses available to purchase without having to sign up to full MNC Hub Membership.

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Ukraine – feeling helpless?  What you can do right now.

Ukraine – feeling helpless? What you can do right now.

It’s not been easy watching the news of late. Just as we started eagerly anticipating longer days, the easing of restrictions, and putting a spring in our step, the world suddenly got much darker. Many of us don’t really understand the complexities of the political...

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