Top tips for smartphone photography

Modern, digital marketing is image hungry! How do we keep up with this demand? Learn to take excellent photos with your smartphone with these tips from our resident expert, Arundel and Littlehampton MNC Manager, Kate Henwood.

Choose one subject

Concentrate on one key object in your photo – if you have a busy picture, readers won’t know what to look at…think about WHAT you want people to look at, what’s the point of your picture – zoom in or crop your image to really focus on the main part of it.

Practice, practice, practice

Take lots of photos – you never know when you’ll need a photo of, for example, an ice cream van…and you’ll always be ready to post something to interest your clients. Sometimes an abstract image makes people look twice…as long as you can make it relevant to what you’re writing. 

Be creative!

Smartphones have amazing colour filters, have a play and see what images you can create. Don’t be afraid to play with an image – if you don’t want to muck it up, duplicating the image first means you always have the original to fall back on. 


Think about your photo shape. If you want to use it on Instagram, it needs to be something that fits in a square. If you don’t have the photo in the right shape for the platform you’re using, use a program like Canva to create a frame or border for your image. 

Protect your library

Own your images – watermark them with an app like EasyMark – they are your work. This doesn’t stop others using your work but it does at least get you some credit/exposure for your image. Similarly, please don’t use other people ’s images with their permission or giving a credit – it’s theft!

Be photo fabulous with Kate!

If you need a helping hand, why not try my ‘day in the life’ package. I come and visit you at work and capture what you do, as you’re doing it, you ignore me while I snap away. This takes a couple of hours and then after your shoot, I’ll edit your images and present you with a whole set of photos that you can use across your social media, website and marketing. I can also include more formal photography such as head shots.

Join Kate on social media – FacebookInstagramTwitter  – Or in person at her next Arundel and Littlehampton networking meeting.

Featured image credit; https://unsplash.com/@jordanfmcqueen

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