Why Is Visual Storytelling So Powerful?

Visual Storyboarding
Sophie Sheinwald started her business photographing very cute toddlers and fun family events. When she joined MNC it was prior to the selfie and social media revolution. Demands for professionally shot profile photos increased, as did the need for authentic brand photography. Sophie decided to help the entrepreneur tell their story visually.

One day in September 2016 I finally homed in on what I love, taking entrepreneur’s  business stories and bringing them to life visually. My focus from that point became Visual storytelling.
Visual storytelling still a relatively new term, but it’s what we provide others with daily from our social media marketing campaigns. Moreover, it’s what entices us to view others’ stories! It encompasses, photography, graphic design and video and when professionally used, it can make a big difference to brand presence. Storytelling has always been fundamental to the human experience and I think we’ve only recently tapped into it’s marketing power.
So how do you get your visual story right?
Social media and smartphone technology has brought about a visual revolution, but it’s also created a big problem, we need relevant visuals, we need to be updated on social media trends. We need to attract our audience constantly. I don’t know about you but it can be quite exhausting!
I decided to speak to entrepreneurs in their struggle to find the right shots for their marketing. So during 2017, I had fun gathering entrepreneurs, enticed by a free workshop, a sharing of tips, coffee and connection. I also had questions so we could chat about the increased demands of photography and any frustrations they were facing.
Some entrepreneurs said that they suffered from a lack of time to source relevant photography and a frustration in finding the right photos. Hence they ended up with a photo library of gaps where they wanted to communicate to their audience visually. Others said they invested in a photographer, preferring to have their own images copyright free. Some used stock photography but found that limiting.
So somehow with all these choices businesses need to uniquely in an overcrowded marketplace!
Is professional bespoke photography the answer? And if so how do you approach it?

Sophie Sheinwald visual storyteller
I believe each business/project has a uniqueness. I was keen to help create an authentically visual database that would simplify the search for the right marketing images. I came to realise that there was an important step. After all how does the client know what to ask for? How do they know how their photo session should be mapped?
In February 2017, I had inadvertently discovered a new approach to help clients with their visual storytelling. I created my first ever Visual Story Mapping session with a client after she’d brought me a few  buzz words for our next shoot. Spontaneously I wrote them down and created a map of ideas, collaboratively we had created the perfect brief for her, different to the one she had in mind. This lead to a fantastic authentic photo session.

Sophie Sheinwald Visual Storyteller
So, a year on and it’s been a revelation after each and every mapping session. I get to connect at the heart of the business and create an in-depth pre-photoshoot session that looks at the marketing needs. I realised since we are part of this visual age, it’d be great to get this bit right!
Passionate entrepreneurs with brilliant ideas, coupled with my experience and interest, created a formula that’s both powerful and enjoyable. Also, it’s helps businesses who may not be ready for a shoot, get their visual story in place, for when they are. It’s also got scope to help those that just need direction on how best to get a visual presence from where they are now. It’s for those who are ready for the next marketing move.

If you are eager to get your visual story on the right path, I’d be very happy to give you a 15 minute free consultation to see if my Visual Story Mapping session is for you.  Contact me for a special price for MNC members. Distance isn’t a problem as I have even done this process with entrepreneurs abroad!

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