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MNC started life as The Mumpreneurs Networking Club in 2010 founded by Sara Guiel and Nicky Chisholm. They understood the fundamental challenges of raising a family alongside building a business.  They knew that having a support crew, be it personal, your business partner or your business networking club, to support your endeavours is crucial. 

Nicky & Sara led by example with a drive to think outside the box, never afraid to work outside their comfort zone. 

Having built The Mumpreneurs Networking Club into a nationally recognised business networking community, raised thousands of pounds for charity, rebranded as My Networking Club in 2020 and survived a pandemic, Nicky decided to head off on her own mission in April 2022.

Carolyn Strand, who had  jumped on board as MNC Director of Tech to help MNC adapt when Covid 19 lockdowns struck, stepped up next to Sara as co-director to take the business, network and community forward.

There’s a lot of exciting changes happening at MNC! Carolyn and Sara are completely focused on the membership community and what MNC is offering, delivering, supporting and adapting to provide members with the very best experiences, contacts, referrals, resources and learning. We’re moving into a bright, new and shiny post-pandemic MNC and taking our members with us!


The directors and community leaders are proud to run a network that provides help with starting up a new business, business advice for growth and put simply, connecting small business owners to a huge bunch of friendly, business people, that are ready to engage and champion others alongside themselves. 

Sara and Carolyn

Carolyn Strand


Technology, Data, Geeky Boffin stuff. Gets excited about software and talks fluent tech-speak which bamboozles Sara.  Carolyn has a logical approach to business and loves a bit of problem solving. Can be enticed away from her desk and technology by the promise of spa treatments or cocktails. 

Sara Guiel


Business strategy, Communications, Training.  Sara loves to contrast her sophisticated city breaks with practically feral summer holiday camping trips with her trusty old Bell tent. Sara’s favourite quote is “Of course it’s true, I read it on Facebook”

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Health and Wellbeing News

Health and Wellbeing News

Here at MNC HQ we are delighted to welcome long-term MNC member Debbie Stevens as our new Health and Wellbeing Networking Coordinator.  Debbie joins us to lead focussed events for the Health and Wellbeing industry.  We know there are many MNC members in this sector...

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