Tips for Great Networking

Our Networking ‘How To’ Guide!

Not all networking groups or organisations are the same. Cost, formality, format, the kinds of people attending all differ so do your research. If you don’t like one style of meeting, try a another network – don’t give up!

Networking is a sure fire way to find advice, partnerships, mentors, like minded business folk,  recommendations and support. It’s not just about selling on the day but contacts and connections. You might find that PA to keep you organised, an entertainer for the PTA school fair, or some advice on how to find an investor. Be open to contacts and connections, build your business little black book!

Online Business Networking Meetings

It’s essential in today’s business world that you are comfortable with virtual networking! And the key to that is to book those meetings!  The whole world went virtual at the start of the 2020 Pandemic and here we share our best tips for getting the most our of those Zoom meetings  

1.  Login to the meeting 5 minutes early. Check your camera and microphone are in working properly. 

2. Background! Check your background on the video.  Does it give the impression you want ? Are there dirty dishes in the sink? Underwear on the dryer? You can hide all of that with a virtual background.   Ensure where you are sitting is well lit and your face is not in darkness.  even online people want to build relationships and it’s difficult to engage with a shape in dark! 

3. Presentation. Unless you are a pyjama manufacturer, get dressed! Business meetings even online require a professional look. That might be a suit jacket, decorating overalls, therapist uniform – whatever represents you and your brand best.     

4. Be prepared! Have a 30 second pitch ready. People want to know how you can help them. What are you offering ? Who are you? How can they contact you? Share useful information and relevant news. Keep it short, spark their curiosity and they will contact you to find out more.      

5. Practise what you are going to say. And make sure you have a call to action in your pitch. What do you want people to do after the meeting? 

6. Identify 5 people at the meeting you’d like to know more about. Follow them up after the meeting . Suggest a virtual coffee or  a 1-2-1  to see how you can help each other.  No spamming though  – it’s the quickest way to lose someone’s interest!  

7. Have links to your social media or your website copied, saved ready to just paste into a chat box so people can find you with ease after the meeting.

And that’s all there is to it! Attend regularly, and you’ll build your business profile and business relationships. You’ll reap the benefits of these being visible through referrals, and the wider circle of your business contacts and connections. 

Happy networking!






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