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JOIN US as a Regional or UK Member or take up our call to ACTION and become an MNC Regional Sponsor.

Two Great Memberships 


MNC UK is an annual membership to our UK-wide (and beyond) online business network. If you want to reach UK businesses or find clients and referrals further afield then MNC UK is for you!

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MNC Regional is our in person and online business networking network.  Perfect for making local connections, collaborating in your area and raising your regional profile. MNC Regional has a great social side too!

Can’t Choose? No Problem, Join Both

MNC UK and MNC Regional are two separate memberships so you can join just one, or for maximum business networking opportunities, join both!  The two memberships do not have to run concurrently.  You can join one, and then add the other! We’ve made it as flexible as possible to get the very best out of your MNC Membership.

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MNC Professional

Introducing the new Health & Wellbeing MNC industry-specific networking events with focus groups for extended collaboration.

A value-added business networking opportunity for ALL MNC Members.  MNC Professional attracts engaged industry professional from outside the MNC UK Membership for paid seats, free to MNC UK Members.

Looking For An Ideal Opportunity To Grow Your Business?

If you’re passionate about business networking, understand the amazing benefits it brings to your business and love meeting new people then becoming an MNC Club Sponsor may be just the opportunity you’re looking for!  And so you may be just the person we are looking for!

As an MNC Club Sponsor you’ll get to facilitate your own regular monthly meetings.  MNC HQ provides all the systems and support, all the know-how and guidance to make your very own MNC meetings a success. Find out more about what opportunities are currently available HERE

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The MNC Hub is our training and resources programme. Choose from paid-for and membership-included courses and resources to help you grow, run and manage your business.

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Webinar Series

Networking skills, digital marketing, finding clients near and far – we have an extensive programme of webinars for your business.  Skill-up your business with MNC.

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