MNC Marketplace Membership

MNC Marketplace


Get access to offer your products and services in the public MNC Marketplace Group

This membership is included with all full MNC membership plans


For just £25 a year you can advertise your products and services on our publicly listed MNC Marketplace Group.


MNC Members have many networking opportunities to offer their products and services to their co-members. MNC Marketplace extends the opportunity publicly to Facebook users.

We offer this mini-membership to enable anyone without full membership to promote their goods and services in the MNC Marketplace. We may even tempt you to become a full member!

All Marketplace Members are vetted as bone-fide businesses at registration, so anyone interacting with the group for purchases can be reassured about the businesses they are dealing with.

This is an annual subscription that will renew annually unless you cancel. Reminders will be sent, please keep your email details up to date.

Group Rules apply – see group rules and information

Be sure to read this as no membership refunds will be given if you are removed from the group for not following the rules