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MNC Focus hosts MNC industry-specific, special interest and niche networking meetings.


MNC Focus events are occasional opportunities in our networking calendar to connect with industry professionals in a specific sector, to focus on a specific area of business or hear from a special guest speaker. The meetings are delivered both online and in-person. Focus events may be facilitated by an MNC Community Leader, Gold Members or special guests.

MNC Focus Events online are generally included in all our membership plans and only Flexi Plan members pay a discounted rate to attend in-person events. Anyone can attend MNC Focus events on a pay-per-visit basis. Our members are ready to meet you!

If you have any questions, or would like to host or sponsor a MNC Focus Event, please do not hesitate to contact us


The MNC Webinar Series

Easy to digest, key skills for your business networking, marketing and more.

MNC Regional Logo

MNC Regional Meetings are held each month and throughout the week in localised groups.

MNC Regional offers both online and in-person business networking opportunities. MNC Regional Online meetings are included in all our membership plans. In-person meetings are open to all members with an discounted additional charge for Flexi Plan members.

MNC UK Meetings Online

Community Leader: Shahida Rashid

MNC UK meetings are delivered online for small businesses from all over the UK and further afield for those wanting to network with UK businesses. MNC UK Online Meetings are included in all our networking membership Plans

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