5 top tips for staying healthy and well while running your own business

We’re often so busy working in and on our businesses we forget to take care of ourselves. But if we don’t, we not only could make ourselves ill we decrease our overall productivity. Health Kinesiology practitioner and Mumpreneurs Networking Club Shoreham Manager Jess Haslett shares her top tips for staying healthy while running your own business.

The first big step is realising that staying well and healthy is vital to the health and wellbeing of your business and taking action to achieve this.

If you struggle to fit health time into your schedule, try diarising regular ‘me time’ as you would a meeting with someone else. It’s likely this way, you will stick to it. It doesn’t have to be an exercise class or spa treatment (although they are nice) it could be as simple as taking a bath, reading a magazine with a cuppa or going for a walk. It will recharge your batteries, give your brain a rest and boost your energy levels.

Drink plenty of water! This is a simple but truly effective tip. Staying well hydrated through the day will help maintain your energy levels, sharpen your focus on the tasks to do, and avoid cravings for energy-sapping sugary snacks.       

Get enough good quality sleep at the time that suits you. You may be a night owl or prefer an early start. As much as possible, allow yourself the time to work when you are at your best and structure your sleep around that, getting the hours you need each night to feel fresh and alert the next day.

Find the class/therapy/hobby that really takes you to your happy place. This may be pilates, zumba, reflexology, kinesiology, life drawing, crochet, golf, plane spotting…. whatever it is, book it in at least once a week and make it a priority, smile and enjoy that time for you and all the benefits it brings.

Kinesiology is great for identifying the best ways for you to look after yourself and supporting you in doing just that. Contact Jess to find out more!

Jess runs our super-friendly and vibrant Shoreham MNC networking group. Why not book on your first free meeting and let her welcome you to our warm but mighty network.

Connect with Jess on social media @JessHaslett     Facebook

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