If I can take a leap, anyone can

Stephanie Quinlan shares the moment she pushed through her mental barriers to propel her business to the next level.

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Stephanie Quinlan

As a self-confessed introvert working from home, it was far too easy to stay out of view and that’s how I liked it. I was never one of the most confident of people, but after a knee injury left me immobile for three months, my self-esteem plummeted. I was in constant pain, the heaviest I’d ever been and had become anxious.

I knew things had to change. After some gentle encouragement from work I decided to look outside of my bubble and I came across MNC.

Despite the very thought of walking into a room full of strange people making my heart race I booked into my first meeting at Chichester.

No backing out now.

Bridget Jones had nothing on me

On the day of the meeting I took my first step by getting in the car and leaving my village, something I had barely done since my injury.

When I arrived at the venue my heart was pounding with adrenaline. I felt like Bridget Jones: nervous and clutsy, not knowing how people would take me. But everyone in that room had the most amazing energy and I fed off it.

Before long it was time for the pitches. As my turn approached I was shaking, but just 30 seconds later I was buzzing at what I’d managed to achieve. Exhilarated, I signed up to MNC then and there.

As I attended more meetings and made more connections my confidence grew. And things started to change at work too. I was getting referrals from MNC members, winning clients and with my newfound energy it wasn’t long before I was asked to do Facebook live presentations for our company group.

Now I work closely with the head office team and at our National Conference this year I was awarded the “most dedicated” accolade.

Everything you are dreaming of is the other side of your comfort zone

Joining MNC opened up a whole new network of businesses to me and introduced me to a truly supportive group of people that I now call friends.

I look at how far I’ve come and it’s hard to consider how different things could have been. Everything I have now is because I took that leap. Whatever is holding you back in your business or personal life, you can take that leap too. Just take a deep breath and jump.

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