How ‘doing you’ can change everything for your business

Emma Lowe shares how a switch in mindset
saved the career she loves.

I discovered Tropic Skincare and very quickly joined as an ambassador, realising that the business suited me perfectly, both in terms of work-life balance and ethically. My passion for the vegan, cruelty-free products shone through when talking to people and I became very busy, very fast. I held pamper sessions in people’s homes and hosted lots of individual skincare consultations. Everything was going great, until it wasn’t.

As the popularity of Tropic grew and more ambassadors were appearing, my business and my confidence took a hit. Suddenly losing business was a bitter pill to swallow. I began to doubt myself, my ability and my strengths. As I took knock after knock my mind went to dark places: “I’ll never succeed.” “I’m not as good as everyone else.” “They’re more successful than me.”

I’m not proud to say I began blaming other people for my lack of results, rather than looking at what I could do to make a change.

But after a while spiralling, something clicked. I realised, that from person to product I loved what I did! After a long chat with myself, I decided that I needed to change my mindset and that my business success was down to me.

Discovering my specialist skill

What happens when you hit a barrier in your career? It will happen to everyone at some point, and it happened to me. 

Like many female entrepreneurs that I know, I had a very enjoyable and successful career and when I had my babies, I took a break. Having worked in hotel management before I became a Mother, I quickly realised that working unsociable hours in hospitality wasn’t a great fit for my family. So, it was time for a change, which allowed me to focus on another passion of mine: self care and beauty.

Taking inspiration from our founder Susie Ma, I asked myself “What would she do?” And I went from there. My conclusion was that I needed to be me and true to myself, my ethics, my values and my ambitions. I stopped trying to be everyone else, because I wasn’t them and I wouldn’t have success trying to be. 

So, leaning on 20 years of experience from hospitality, I decided to use my specialist skill: I’m a people person and I truly care about them. I want to run my business by helping people and giving back. I don’t do this by shouting from the rooftops or handing out false promises. I do this by establishing rapport and building relationships with my customers and team alike, supporting them in any way I can. Building genuine connections was what would set me on the right path, helping me to align my ambitions with my values.

With that in mind, I joined MNC Horsham and discovered a network of support, advice and friendship. I started to attend local events and share my skincare expertise. In the process, I got my confidence back and I realised how lucky I was to work for a company who recognised effort on all levels: no targets, just incentives to achieve – meaning I could continue to choose my own path.

A year after I made my crossroads decision, I found myself sat at The Savoy Grill having lunch with my Diamond Executive, after winning a team incentive, and I have never looked back. I was promoted to Tropic Leader back at the beginning of the year and now through positive mentorship I pass on all I have learnt to my expanding team helping them achieve their goals and dreams by doing what they do best.

The greatest lesson I’ve learnt through my own journey is not to compare myself to others. So, I urge you – be who you are and you’ll see the results too.

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