Why networking is even more important in lockdown

Why networking is even more important in lockdown

You might feel like it, but don’t bury your head under the covers and let your business sleep. Sara Guiel explains why networking now will stand your business in good stead post-lockdown.

Sara Guiel, Co-founder of MNC

Sara Guiel

It’s a difficult time for small businesses. Many have seen their income drop and for many there is no ‘business as usual’ any more. 

So what can businesses do at this time? Where should they focus their energy and their time?  What is possible and what will support them?

At MNC we have always believed in networking, the clue is in the name, The Mumpreneurs Networking Club and now more than ever businesses need to be doing just that. 

It takes a bit of upskilling – but ambitious business owners are no strangers to learning and improving their skills. Networking meetings are still happening both at MNC and other organisations. They are now virtual so the big bonus at this time is no travelling.  Virtually, you can attend meetings anywhere.

Networking creates visibility

Connecting at this time will keep you visible.  Staying visible through these difficult days will ensure that your business is ready at the start line when this is all over. Staying connected at this time will ensure that people will remember you are the business they need when the time comes. It will help you grow your audience. And it will allow you to make more contacts and build your network.

Connecting with your business community is vital. There you find support and people who can help you brainstorm a problem. They’ll help you find new ways to keep trading and different people you can connect with. 


Ever tried virtual coffee?

It doesn’t have to just be virtual networking meetings. Mix it up. Organise a virtual 1-2-1 with someone. Find out more about their business and how you can help them or how you might be able to help them. 

It could be meeting up with your closet contacts on a Zoom call for a coffee and a chat. Join in with quizzes perhaps that your local town or charity are running – it’s all valuable contact time.  There are so many ways to connect, all from the comfort of your home!    


Finding time amongst everything else

Many people have found their responsibilities and caring duties have increased tenfold at this time. Hands up who’s homeschooling?! So staying connected is going to take a bit of planning. Find virtual events to suit your new stay at home rhythm. Do your research. Find the times you can manage, make a commitment to attend.  Find a quiet corner if possible – but don’t let home chaos put you off. The most important thing is showing up. If you’re nervous or worried about the format let the organiser know. They will help and get you prepared ready to get connected.

So do your research, make a plan for your meetings and connect. Jump in, what’s the worst that can happen? Good luck!

What have you found most useful about networking in lockdown? Leave your comments below.



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