Love or fear: Which is your business born of?

Kasia Rampersad shares her enlightening journey towards a budding business that’s starting to bear fruit.

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Kasia Rampersad

Mystic Jungle

Things started to get more and more out of hand with my mental health. Eventually, I booked myself into Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) which made me realise that I don’t know at all what I like doing. And I couldn’t remember the last time I did something for myself – not for my family or for my husband, just for me.

This realisation motivated me to take a big step. I booked myself for a three-day seminar of the healing method called The Journey. It promised to get to the root cause of any physical or emotional illness, and say goodbye to it for good. It was a bold promise, but I needed a bold change.

During those three days, I went through a ton of emotions that I had been carrying with me since my teens –  all the anger, shame and guilt. I let go of a heavy load and came back home a changed person. The kids were asking me what happened to the old Mummy? They had gotten used to the angry, tense and frustrated Mum. Calmness and cheerfulness were unfamiliar.

“Our behaviour today is the aftermath of out experiences from the past”

Those three days were just the start of my discovery and healing. I discovered that our behaviour today is the aftermath of our experiences from the past. Mainly the painful ones, where we didn’t have a chance to express the pain or trauma and the emotions associated with them. Once relived and released, the past no longer affects us, and the cloud is lifted.

I learnt that it wasn’t only unexpressed emotions that were affecting me, but also the beliefs that I formed along the way. Beliefs about myself and life. Beliefs that I am not good enough, not smart enough, that it’s not safe to express myself. Beliefs that it’s not safe to be myself, that I am not worthy, and that I’m ‘a bad person’. Beliefs that I must sacrifice myself and my happiness for the good of the family.

And there were lots of beliefs around money too: how I must always work more to avoid going into debt; the belief that once I had a job I had to hold on to it, as I might never find another one. The list was never-ending.

Realising that all those beliefs were just coping and protective mechanisms that I developed due to past experiences – largely conditioned by my family and the culture – allowed me to finally let them go. I began to replace them with healthier, more empowering beliefs.

Suddenly speaking to strangers became much easier, I was no longer hiding away, I was happy and free to express and to finally feel and be my authentic self.

Kasia Rampersad holding a house plant

“One day the vision of me sitting in a shop surrounded by beautiful plants popped up in my head, and each day, each week the vision was becoming clearer.”

The Journey of self-discovery led me to find a passion for house plants. I enjoyed watching them grow when I felt happy and positive. But it also fascinated me how they followed me in decline, each time I felt less mentally fit and the negative emotions were creeping in, they too would wilt.

One day the vision of me sitting in a shop surrounded by beautiful plants popped up in my head, and each day, each week the vision was becoming clearer. My heart was opening to joy and I felt complete freedom when I imagined myself being in that space. I knew this was bringing me a total joy, and my energy was raising every time I spoke about the idea.

In the past I tried a few different ways to ‘earn some extra money’ – but it never quite worked. Now I know why: those attempts were born out of old beliefs and patterns which were unhealthy and unsupportive – “I must earn money, otherwise I will die from starvation”. 

“If we let go of negative conditioning and unhealthy beliefs, we are more likely to create a business that thrives and evolves.”

When I opened Mystic Jungle, things just naturally started to flow. I was attracting customers without much effort, people loved the idea and the sales shot up unexpectedly. And most importantly I was attracting the right customers, those that resonated with my energy and passion, or that needed my advice or specific service.

I strongly believe in the law of attraction, and if we are true to our heart calling and our business is born of love, rather than fear, then the right people will come our way. Not only the customers, but also those who can somehow contribute to our business. If we let go of negative conditioning and unhealthy beliefs, we are more likely to create a business that thrives and evolves.

Letting go of fear and truly following the heart, finding the purpose and sharing it with others will allow us to make more conscious decisions and follow our intuition. It is not an easy path but definitely a rewarding one, where we can feel that we are doing something that we truly love, rather than doing ‘what’s right’ by other people. 

Mystic Jungle Screengrab

There are many methods out there which help letting go from negative believes and healing the past traumas – from traditional psychotherapy to yoga, meditation or crystal and energy healing. Some are more effective, others take longer to take effect.

I used the method called The Journey, which combines traditional psychotherapy methods, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and cellular healing. It gets to the root cause of the current physical or psychological condition, then, during a guided introspection, helps you release it and re-condition in a positive way.

I am now an accredited practitioner of The Journey method and in between running Mystic Jungle, being a mum (now single) and still (not for much longer) working in my 9-5 job, I support clients with therapy sessions if they feel drawn to me.

My vision is to grow Mystic Jungle to a full-time commitment and to work as a therapist alongside running the plant shop. Where just five years ago I didn’t see myself speaking to any stranger, now I confidently smile and chat to every new customer I meet. From introvert I turned into an open and honest, confident woman, not afraid to dream big and turn dreams into reality, without unnecessary effort and stress.

Five years ago, I was living on an autopilot of work > home > work. I was suffering from depression and struggling in my marriage, not being able to understand why I am such a bad mother and wife. I saw my 9 to 5 job as the only way to provide security for my family, having climbed the career ladder steadily for the last 10 years.

I was holding on securely to what I knew – a small group of friends, not changing jobs or even a department, sticking with my husband, trusting we were meant to be together forever.  I’ve been an introvert for as long as I can remember, unable to talk to strangers or join conversations where I didn’t feel competent, unable to talk about my feelings, and keeping things close to my heart.

Kasia is the owner of the houseplants and crystals shop Mystic Jungle. She delivers houseplants in Sussex and Surrey and offers UK-wide postage. She focuses on the therapeutic benefits of keeping an indoor jungle and promotes houseplants as a method of practising mindfulness and connecting with nature.

Find out more about Kasia and the Journey Method at www.kasiarampersad.com

Find out more about Mystic Jungle at www.mysticjungle.co.uk

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