Welcome to our Enfield Town Brand Ambassadors

Welcome to the MNC Brand Ambassador Team

Blog Editor – Liz Sorton – MNC Enfield Manager and Youth Coach

Photo by Julian Knopf from Gander Photography

Friday was the official ceremony to welcome our Enfield Town Brand Ambassadors (BA), we have already rolled our Brand Ambassador programme across the South East earlier in the year and now it was time to initiate the Enfield Town Brand Ambassadors.

We have been watching and identifying super active Enfield Town members over the last 6 months  and as of Friday they are now part of our select tribe of social influencers to help spread the MNC message across the U.K. These members have been identified as super loyal members that are passionate, professional and enthusiastic about MNC, they naturally support and promote MNC online and are active and consistent at meetings. They understand the drive and ambition of MNC and have experienced first hand the benefits of being part of this entrepreneurial community.

We would also like to take this opportunity welcome Tiffany Charters as  Deputy for MNC Enfield Town.

Please welcome our official MNC Brand Ambassdors Neil Clements, Yvonne Fuller, Zoe White, Sarah Hayes, Alison Tritschler and Catherine Gough.

Each of these BA will be playing to their strengths to spread the MNC message. Each BA is a different type of influencer, their skills include blogging, photography, event support, posting on social media platform, creating videos and being brilliant at our monthly meetings. We will be watching them in action!

Over the next 6 months we will be tracking the activity of the BA’s through multiple streams, which include meetings attended, events supported, social media activity, creativity and of course talking to our local managers.

We have a summer surprise organised for the best performing BA’s!

We look forward to working with all our Brand Ambassadors and helping them raise their business profile.

View our Brand Ambassador Gallery  We will soon be adding all the Enfield Town Ambassadors to our Gallery.

What is a Brand Ambassador?

The Brand Ambassador role will become part of their marketing funnel, it will create opportunities and raise your profile all through doing what you already love doing! It is your time to stand out from the crowd.

  • The friendly approachable face of the MNC Brand
  • Super active networker and natural connector within our community (attends different meetings and special events )
  • Social media savvy (across a multiple channels )
  • A member that loves MNC and truly understands the value of belonging to the MNC community
  • A member that has experienced first hand the benefit of belonging to the MNC community
  • They are credible and trustworthy
  • A member who brings our passion for supporting the Mumpreneur community to life
  • Is an enthusiastic and loyal member with an authentic voice on the positive outcomes of attending MNC
  • Proactive sharer of MNC experience
  • Offers valuable feedback to MNC to help improve our members experience

What are the benefits of being an MNC Brand Ambassador?

  • We’ll highlight your achievements
  • Profile photo, websites, links to your blogs and social media will be added to website
  • You’ll be among the first to hear our new initiatives!
  • We’ll share and retweet your posts and images if you tag us- put your business in front of our social media followers
  • You’ll be invited to our Ambassadors reception twice a year for Networking and training
  • You will get that “Feel Good Factor” – experience personal satisfaction and sense of achievement through supporting other business owners
  • This is a big confidence booster, we at MNC HQ always believe you are capable of more and this is your chance to increase your confidence, become more self assured and feel ready to take on bigger business challenges
  • You will without a doubt meet lots of other amazing people and walk away ready to super charge your business


We are looking to set up a sister group for MNC Enfield:

As well as our Brand Ambassador programme, we are also looking for a sister group to set up near Enfield – if you are interested pls email Sara Guiel #onanmission in the subject line.





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