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Congratulations to the founders of MNC, Nicky Chisholm and Sara Guiel, The Mumpreneurs Networking Club has been selected to work with Health Psychology Management Organisation Services, (HP-MOS) as their associate partner to participate in a European wide EU project on Mumpreneurship. The FEMME project is Fostering Exchange of practices to Empower Mumpreneurship in Europe.

Why is MNC involved in the Femme Project?

This is one of the many activities that are integral to our ongoing mission to support, enable and make visible the 100,000’s of Mumpreneur lead businesses in the UK. Whether or not you identify with the term Mumpreneur – you cannot deny their growing importance in the economic landscape. MNC are champions of the 1000’s of businesses, set up by primary child carers, that start up, grow and are established around family life. This project will give the MNC community a chance to get involved and shape future training and guidelines for this unique sector in the entrepreneurial landscape.


This project is speaking to Mumpreneurs across 8 European countries to gather their experiences. To find out what barriers and hurdles they face in all areas of their business. The feedback and their experiences will form an important guide to best practice and identify the needs of this dynamic and ever growing entrepreneurial group.

Why get involved?

Take part! this is your chance to be a part of something big, something important, a unique research project that wants to hear your voice and learn from your experiences. This is the first survey of its kind and we want our members to have their say, to use their experiences and to provide first hand knowledge and evidence of Mumpreneurship.

How do you take part?

Nicky and Sara will be hosting and facilitating two unique focus group workshops in February. One in London and one in Brighton. The numbers will be strictly limited so that we can fully document everyone’s experiences. There will of course be the usual MNC fun and energy along with the important business of the day.
On the day:

✅ There will be facilitated discussion.

✅ Topics will include ‘what does being a Mumpreneur mean to you ?

✅ Themes will explore the challenges and triumphs of being a Mumpreneur.

✅ There will be photography.

✅ There will be recorded discussion.

Two workshops:

Workshop 1 Tuesday 26th Feb 2019, Sussex – aimed at Mumpreneur Business Owners. Please note this event is for members only Click here for the FB event page and Booking link .

Workshop 2 Friday 1st March 2019, London – aimed at Trainers/Educators that work with Mumpreneurs. Please note this is an invite only event. Booking links will be sent directly.

The information gathered at these focus groups will be a part of the larger European project to contribute to the creation of guidelines/guidebook for Mumpreneurs across Europe.

If you can’t make the dates or miss the boat don’t worry we will be using a survey to gather everyones experiences of life as a Mumpreneur. If you’d like to know more about the objectives of the Project then read on below.

What are the aims of the project?

To empower trainers/adult educators on mumpreneurship;

To empower mumpreneurs;

To establish the current state of mumpreneurship in the partnership countries;

To exchange best practices on mumpreneurship initiatives;

To establishing the basis for an European Network on Mumpreneurship;

To ensure economical/social gender equality.

What are the desired outcomes?

Report on the current state of European Mumpreneurship

Guide on European best practices on Mumpreneurship

Guide with experiences/recommendations for Trainers/Adult Educators on Mumpreneurship initiatives

Guide for Mumpreneurs.

Links to Trainer Event – TBC

Link to Business owners event

Visit the Femme Project on Facebook

Visit the Femme Project Website

Visit HP-MOS website

Visit HP-MOS on Facebook

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