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What is The MNC Hub Festival?

Where: MNC Online Group (Click to join the Group)

When: Monday 3rd June – Friday 7th June 2019

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The MNC Festival is FREE learning and inspiration for your business. A week long opportunity to get a taster of our brand new training and coaching facility, The MNC Hub! A series of mini masterclasses will be delivered live to our MNC Online Facebook group from leading experts in their field. All you have to do to benefit from their advice and wisdom is join our MNC Online Facebook group. And perhaps get your diary out when you read the time table below!

So what exactly is the The MNC Hub?

The MNC Hub is our BRAND NEW online membership for the talented and ambitious Mumpreneur community.

We want to be there for your business journey. To celebrate your triumphs, hold you accountable and steer you through the highs and the lows. We get it. We really do. We’ve lived raising a family alongside launching, building and establishing a business. And we know that building a business can be lonely and isolating and that sometimes you need someone in your corner, holding your business hand and your brainstorming your decisions.

What is The MNC Hub?

The MNC Hub is our online private membership resource that gives you the confidence and the clarity to make serious progress in your business.

The MNC Hub is a an ongoing resource library and a learning facility to equip you with knowledge for a profitable and sustainable growth.

The MNC Hub is a community that will support and work with you when you face those business decisions and challenges.

The MNC Hub will give you exclusive access to experts who have a practical wealth of expertise they are willing to share with our members.

The MNC Hub is the mentor in your corner, ready to brainstorm those business decisions.

The MNC Hub is masterclasses to inspire you from the best in business.

The MNC Hub is a force to hold you accountable.

What can The MNC Hub do for me?

The Hub will help you define the next steps for your business. If you are looking to make 2019 the year that you show up and start making profit in your business then this is for you.  A like minded community of ambitious entrepreneurs to learn and share, after all we believe that ‘a rising tide floats all ships’ ! When you have a community to share the journey, to help join up the dots and hold you accountable, the path becomes clearer and clearer. We just need to keep moving your business forward!

Why The MNC Hub?

Multi business award  winning, entrepreneurial duo  Sara Guiel and Nicky Chisholm have been at the front line of the Mumpreneur revolution for nearly a decade. They are dynamic drivers bringing you The MNC Hub. They  have supported women in business with more than 28,000 visits to their events since they started.  They are passionate about supporting women to reach their potential in their business and make a serious contribution to their family economies. They are founders and Directors of the UK’s Mumpreneurs Networking Club, where they have been proud to connect, support,  mentor, inspire and champion their members businesses. Nicky says her proudest business moment was being invited to meet Prince Andrew at Buckingham Palace.  Sara says hers was getting to Palace in a nice new dress after bursting a seam running for a train, after a school run drama!

They have worked alongside some of the most successful Mumpreneurs in the UK and understand the unique challenges that building a business around a family can pose.

Here are the Festival essentials.

Date: Monday 3 June – Friday 7th June

Time: Time Table below

Where: MNC Online Group  (Join the Facebook Group)

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Festival Schedule:

Session 1 Monday 3 June 10am MNC Directors Nicky and Sara kick off the week: The Power of being Brave and working outside your comfort zone. Click for FB Event and add to your phone calendar

  • What are the benefits of being brave and working outside your comfort zone?
  • How can taking on challenges impact your business and enhance your business profile?
  • Find out why being brave can lead to business break throughs.
  • Find out why they agreed to a very daring Wing Walk and how they got on, in this latest challenge!

Session 2 Monday 3 June 12pm TBC Click for FB Event and add to your phone calendar

Session 3 Tuesday 4 June 10am Dr. Yvette Ankrah MBE: Stay well and ensure your business can thrive. Click for FB Event and add to your phone calendar

  • Identify that stress and overwhelm have a high impact on small business owners
  • Understand that women are 50% more affected by stress than men
  • Develop a self-care plan to keep you fit for business.

Session 4 Tuesday 4 June 12pm Emily Thorpe: Mummy Guilt – Why we have it and what positive steps you can take to limit it. Click for FB Event and add to your phone calenda

  • What is guilt? As well as feeling bad, guilt can have many other negative consequences; we can become lenient in our parenting, over compensate with material things, become a martyr and pass that guilt on to our children.
  • Identify 5 steps you can take to ditch the guilt for good,
  • Learn how to enjoy the freedom of being a working mum without feeling weighed down by guilt.

Session 5 Wednesday 5 June 10am Erin Thomas Wong: What’s really stopping you? Click for FB Event and add to your phone calendar

  • Is your business growing the way you would like it to?
  • Are you frustrated that things aren’t moving fast enough?
  • Do you feel so overwhelmed sometimes that it stops you from taking action?
  • In this live we dig deep and talk about what’s REALLY stopping you from moving your business forward.
  • Identify how to get out of your own way.
  • Enjoy the success you deserve.

Session 6 Wednesday 5 June 12pm Jane Adaray: Why everyone needs to set up a simple strategic plan for their Marketing Strategy. Click for FB Event and add to your phone calendar

  • Create a clear business strategy that helps you:
  • Define your vision, mission and purpose – your ultimate goals and drivers
  • Create a focused roadmap (smaller goals) to achieve your vision and aspirations
  • Leave the session with clear direction and strategy starting point for your business

Session 7 Wednesday 5 June 2pm Grace Graham: Increase your productivity so you become a super leader!! Click for FB Event and add to your phone calendar

  • Introduce new ways of thinking to ensure that the way we use our energy increases our productivity as business leaders.
  • Look at why paying attention to our energy is important when we go about our daily business, and what happens when we don’t.
  • The purpose is to create value in everything we do, not only for our clients/customers, but ourselves and families.
  • The ultimate aim here is to get you to stop multitasking and throw away your To Do lists. Yeah, I said it!

Session 8 Thursday 6 June 10am Nicola Huelin:  How to create a one-page business plan
And get 80% of your biggest results from 20% of your efforts
Click for FB Event and add to your phone calendar

  • Do often feel overwhelmed, overstretched or like you don’t even know where to start?
  • Do you feel you’re putting in lots of time, energy and money and not seeing the results you deserve?
  • Do you wish you could have a greater sense of clarity and confidence about the steps you need to take to turn your big vision into reality?
  • Learn the 6 simple steps to turn a big business vision into reality, without compromising your health, sanity or quality of life in the process.

Session 9 Thursday 6 June 12pm Amanda Ruiz: PR for your Business- How to get into the Press and talk to the media. Click for FB Event and add to your phone calendar

  • You will learn the three most common mistakes entrepreneurs make when trying to get the attention of busy journalists.
  • Discover what to do instead!
  • Walk away inspired to take action and to pitch to that dream journalist you’ve had your eye for the past year.

Session 10 Thursday 6 June 2pm Rachael Dines: Why SEO and why it is crucial for your business! Click for FB Event and add to your phone calendar

  • Why & how to do key phrase research
  • How to implement your chosen phrases on your website
  • A quick guide to the free Google tools available
  • What else is important when looking to optimise for search?

Session 11 Friday 7 June 10am Claire Jones Hughes: Why Blogs can open the doors to your online conversation! Click for FB Event and add to your phone calendar

  • Blogging is not only crucial for your website’s SEO but serves another purpose.
  • A well-devised, meaty blog can be the epicentre of your online marketing communications. Making it easier to post engaging social media content, video and emails.
  • Find out what content is best,
  • Find out how to write a good post
  • Find out how you best leverage your blog online

Session 12 Friday 7 June 12pm Mi Elverson: Vlog for visibility – it is time make sure that you know how to reach more customers and ensure your message is on brand and crystal clear. Click for FB Event and add to your phone calendar  

  • What to start with when filming your own videos
  • Get over your camera fear and enjoy being in front of the camera
  • The 3 x simple steps to grow your audience

All  Training sessions will be via Facebook Live Click here to join the group MNC Online Group

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