My Networking Club – A New Era

A new era has started for My Networking Club.

It’s all change ! And we’re starting from the top.

By Sara Guiel – Co-Director

Carolyn Strand, who is known to the MNC community as the My Networking Club Director of Tech, has taken her place in the MNC board as a full Director.  It’s exciting times at MNC Towers!

About 3 years ago I met  Carolyn for a coffee and to talk about how she might help us bring the MNC into the digital age. She made quite the impression, so I knew we had to keep her and her vast knowledge close! Fortunately, Carolyn is a natural champion of small business and decided to take on our digital strategy.  She decided at that time to become a member of MNC. When the Pandemic hit, Carolyn utilised her skills to offer advice to the MNC community, she helped them to respond to successive lockdowns and stay visible and viable. Her skills and expertise were crucial to our community of small business owners who had to pivot to many digital formats to keep their businesses running.

At that time MNC was no different to every other business who had to adapt their modus operandi overnight.  Nicky Chisholm and myself were hugely grateful that we, and our community, had Carolyn’s wisdom and expertise to help the pandemic effort.  My Networking Club had been operating in very much the same way since we launched over a decade ago – apart from the obvious Pandemic response. Now that the Covid-19 restrictions have lifted, there has been some life and business reflection at MNC Towers.

Nicky has decided to embrace her lust for adventure and has tidied her office and handed in her executive washroom key.  Carolyn has stepped up to take on the challenge of leading My Networking Club into a new digital era from the top.  Her fresh eyes and leadership will ensure a big future for My Networking Club.  I’m thrilled that her track record of helping businesses get ready to operate in the post Pandemic environment will benefit not only MNC, but that our MNC community will also benefit hugely from her knowledge.

Who knew that a conversation in a coffee shop in Arundel would lead to a whole new world? For me, for Carolyn and this community! It’s certainly exciting and possibly a little challenging but we’ve always loved a challenge at MNC and we know that business owners are used to rising to the challenges thrown their way.  Carolyn was responsible for the new MNC Website in 2021, a massive undertaking, so we have history in working closely. Her warmth and humour in late night exchanges to get the launch for the new website just right, was probably a huge clue that we’d work well together!  Carolyn has a can-do attitude in business and is a great problem solver.  She has become a firm favourite in the community with her generous approach to knowledge sharing and understands the value of networking.

I’ve lined up heaps of induction tasks for Carolyn, and Carolyn will let you know when she needs your help!  She has big plans for the membership, and wants every member to get maximum value from their investment. Look out for announcements.

The moral of this story is – you never know where a coffee conversation will lead! Those one-2-one conversations you book when you meet people networking? Those ones! Book them. When co-founder Nicky Chisholm decided it was time to follow her adventures, Carolyn, acted decisively – it all started with a conversation.

Carolyn is committed to building the friendliest business network alongside helping small and micro businesses with their digital needs and strategies.  And I’m looking forward to seeing where her directorship leads MNC !

Carolyn can be found on LinkedIn or at https://cjstrand.com

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