MNC Wing Walk: Why we want to fly through the air at 130mph

With only a few precious days to go, MNC director and co-founder, Nicky Chisholm, tells us why they are doing the Wing Walk to raise money for Sussex charities Kangaroos and Safe in Sussex.

It will be a privilege to spend the day with a team of men and women that share a common goal and have committed to an adventure of a lifetime. We are looking forward to finding out why they chose to wing walk and what strategies they’ve been using to manage their nerves when faced with this scary challenge.

We chose a Wing Walk because we wanted to be part of an event that is bigger and bolder than ourselves and try something totally new to us, we wanted to have no point of reference. We want to challenge ourselves, smash open our comfort zones and see what doors of opportunity swing open. Over the last few years, we have done at least 20 charity events and they have got more and more challenging and adventurous as the years have gone on.

Also to be a part of a team that has worked hard to raise £10,000 for charity is so inspiring, it shows that the collective energy of a few people can make a huge difference. We want to encourage everyone to take action and sign up to a charity event. If everyone makes one small action the combined results will be enormous!

Above all, we want to feel proud of ourselves, as this feeling is an all too rare experience – after this, we’ll have our own permission to feel super proud. I may actually pop with excitement and will be whooping through the air. Sara will be so delighted with herself she will drink champagne all weekend.

Most of all we want the Wing Walking event to open the doors of opportunity for the wing walking team, our sponsors and our supporters. We want it to spark a conversation, ignite a new idea, and create a new partnership, but most importantly we want to inspire the MNC community to be brave. Being brave takes practice, demands attention and needs action. We want to inspire our community to think outside their comfort zone and realise they are capable of so much more than they currently know.

With only a few days to go, we are certainly feeling the pressure! But rest assured when me and Sara are on a mission there is no stopping them.

Signing off as the, soon to be, Queens of the Skies

Many many thanks to everyone helping us raise money for local charities and to all our flight jacket sponsors:

Salt Space Brighton & Hove Smart Savings with Suzie PitmanSussex PC ServicesC J Strand Cyber HypeKate Henwood PhotographyMusic for the BrainBishop’s MoveNorth opticians

Thank you to Mi Elfverson for all the Wing Walk photos and Caroline Rushforth for her Wing Wave session to keep us focused and on track.

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