New Year, New MNC Times!

WELCOME TO 2023 – You asked, and we listened! This year we are rolling out online networking meetings at different times of the day. Members were telling us that the traditional MNC 10am slot isn’t always the most convenient now, and that they’d like more options for networking.

We’re dipping our networking toes into different times to explore the possibilities and serve members and businesses that find our adherence to 10am a bit tricky.  Currently, the new start times are for online meetings as we work through the viability, but who knows where it could lead? The possibilities are endless!

We’ve got some early mornings with Sara Guiel, some teatimes with Carolyn Strand, and MNC UK with Shahida Rashid will alternate lunchtime with teatime (GMT).

MNC Connections 

MNC COnnections

The new morning and evening sessions are branded ‘MNC Connections’ –  Connections is our new ‘shot in the arm’ wraparound the working day business networking.  A blast of networking to meet some new faces, ask a business question, find support or get a recommendation.  Useful, speedy, relaxed sessions for anyone who needs to focus on their commerce and customers during business hours but still needs to promote their enterprise and connect with other business owners.

MNC Connections comes under the umbrella of MNC UK and is open to all MNC Members and paying visitors.


Our core MNC UK Meetings continue online with Shahida Rashid and will be alternating between lunchtimes and teatimes to accommodate a more international audience. If you are looking to reach beyond your local area, throughout the UK and beyond, MNC UK with Shahida is the one to attend.  Again, all MNC UK meetings are included in all MNC Memberships.

All new for the Spring Term, you can now join us online at 8am (grab your coffee) and 4pm ( bring a cuppa) in addition to our usual 1pm and 10am.  Spoilt for choice!

Here are the current schedules for Connections and MNC UK and of course all our regular meetings and events (online and in-person) can be seen in The MNC Planner

MNC Connections


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