It is is official we are switching to online networking!

 It is official!

We are making MNC history this week.  We are switching all our Networking meetings online and we want you to join us.

Our first meeting online will be Arundel & Littlehampton on Wednesday, followed by Haywards Heath on Thursday and Brighton on Friday.

At MNC HQ we are are ready for this, our Managers are ready for this and now we want you our members to be ready for this.

This is a whole new phase for us all, so please take your time reading through the instructions below.  And remember, it’s a whole new  world for all of us – we’ll be treading this new path together.

Here is how to join the MNC Online Networking Meetings:

1.  Open our Website 

New to MNC: Please click here and complete are First time booking form and you will be sent a Zoom Link by your local manager.

Members: Look along the top and click on MEMBERS and click MEMBERS LOGIN option on the drop down

To join MNC: Once you have joined you will be emailed your login details Click here

2.  Once you have opened the Members page click login in the pink box

You will need the email you signed up with and your password.

You can reset your password if required.

If you can’t remember your  email login please email [email protected]

3. Once you are logged in you will be able to see the ZOOM CALLS LINK

PLUS, you can edit your profile and submit your membership directory entry.

Click the meeting you would like to join and follow instructions.

4.  ZOOM Calls

The Zoom Meetings will open/run at the same times as normal meetings.

Please ensure you log onto the meeting promptly. Late arrivals will not be admitted

We will have a set format, grab a coffee, join with an open mindset and ready to network.

Once the meeting is over we will post on the local group facebook pages, so that you can leave your links and make contact with people.

We look forward to networking with you online!

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