The Mumpreneurs Networking Club – Mission Statement for International Womens Day

Thank you to the Team at WE ARE UMI for inviting The Mumpreneurs Networking Club to work with you on this video – please check out their website for tonnes for resources and Business advice.

On March 8th all around the globe people will celebrate International Womens Day. We want to encourage you, our members to get involved!

We want you to raise your voices and commit to take action!

Watch out this week for our posts giving you ideas of how you can get involved in IWD2020. We have chosen to concentrate on two of the IWD2020 calls to action – Celebrating Women’s achievements and to forge the positive visibility of women.

These two calls to action resonate deeply with MNC. They form part of our core MISSON and are an integral part of our business DNA.

Our mission week in and week out, is to open doors on, and off line to give our members the opportunity for positive visibility, shining like the superstars they are!

After a decade in business MNC has had:

✅ 30,000 plus visits to our meetings and events.
✅ 350 visits on average a month
✅ 150 meetings scheduled this year

We open doors to give our members opportunities.

This year there are even more opportunities as we have:

⭐️ A series of ‘Pop Up’ meetings planned
⭐️ Two extra special events 
⭐️ and 1000’s of interactions on our local Facebook groups

As a valued MNC member you are part of a thriving, supportive , dynamic community.  We have always believed in the power of the collective and through our meetings and events we see that collective energy inspire our members. It inspires them to step outside of their comfort zone, forge collaborations and spark the seed of change.

Our Community has been set up as a place of positive discrimination, to give entrepreneurial parents multiple platforms to showcase their business.

We want you to get involved in IWD 2020 – so get posting, blogging, take photos and post them in the MNC Community.

We are here to Celebrate Women’s Achievement and forge the positive visibility of women! Join us! What can you do to amplify this message? Tell us what you’re up to!

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