Top tips to avoid overwhelm as you build your business

Building a business certainly comes with highs and lows. And while the highs are certainly worth it, we may need a little support to navigate the low points. MNC co-founder and director Sara Guiel shares her essential tips to avoid overwhelm as you build your business.

Decide your own timetable

Look at your desired hours, then compare that to the family schedule, any leisure activities you have and any other demands or responsibilities you have. Granny’s shopping, neighbour’s dog, cleaning, governors meetings etc. Write it all on a visible wall planner calendar- seeing it keeps it real!

Do what you love!

Bet you’ve heard that before! But if you HATE the cleaning with a passion – you’ll let it build up until it becomes insurmountable! Either that or resent the family for entering the house and it all becomes a mess! literally and metaphorically. So choose the domestic jobs you don’t mind, and outsource the rest. And if finance is a consideration for domestic outsourcing – use the family. Older kids cleaning, younger ones laundry sorting ( you’ll just need to invest in some serious earplugs which are far more economical than a housekeeper).

Shop online

Loo rolls, food, slow cooker. A business and family marches on much more happily in my experience on a regular schedule of mealtimes.

Set boundaries for ‘at home time’

Multitasking can drive your mad! Notifications pinging about, emails demanding answers, business calls when trying to supervise dinner. If you set boundaries by turning off notifications, deciding not to look at social media before a school drop, turning off your devices when supervising homework – you’ll keep a calmer house.

Set boundaries for working

This is key if you work from home. Decide your work hours and WORK. Ignore the breakfast dishes, don’t do the laundry ( remember the kids are doing that later) and focus. Write out your tasks for the working day, decide the time to spend on them, turn off notifications until the time is up. By minimising distractions you’ll focus on each task and get things completed. Focus is the most underrated superpower – use it liberally!

And remember – if it all gets too much, get outside! Take a breather and fill your lungs with fresh air. It’s amazing how grounding and restorative that walk around the block can be.

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