Why Accelerate ? How to supercharge your business !

Have you ever felt curious about how MNC Accelerate can help you business? Have you ever felt a bit stuck on the same treadmill, making the same progress, not excelling and running to standstill?

There are plenty of options open to you but you need to bear in mind that to supercharge your business progress you may have to make the decision to invest. To invest in yourself and or your business.

Here are some ideas to get you going!

1. Find a mentor or a business coach: Talk to others that have one and find out what difference it has made to them and their bottom line. Look at who is running a business that you’d like to emulate, what can you learn from them? Can you approach them about mentoring you?

2. Find a membership or a mastermind group: that has like-minded individuals. One with people you can admire, businesses are doing the do not simply talking the talk. When you mix with people you can look up to, you’ll learn new skills and strategies for your taking your business forward.

4 Read, read and read some more! Our current favourite books are My Story by Jo Malone, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R Covey and Jim Duffy’s Create Special.

3. Find an Accelerator: Business incubators for start ups, or accelerators for growing businesses are becoming more popular as they can demonstrate measurable performance growth. They are often run by organisations that have a background in business support and are typically led by facilitators who have considerable experience in growing a business and have multifaceted expertise. they are not an easy option and will require a highly competitive application process or a financial investment from yourself. There maybe bursaries or grants available to help but the onus will most likely be on yourself to finance it. Talk to people who have invested, find out what their return on investment was and how much their business progress has benefited.

MNC Accelerate is now taking expressions of interest for it’s second intake starting in June 2018 in Sussex.  Click to see more information

The application process will be open from 14th May. Please contact sarag@themnchub.com or call 01272 681484

To find out what is involved and hear from the current graduates then join the facebook event.


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