Why I’m A Positive Cow

Positive Cow

Jo FitzGerald is a mum, teacher, children’s author, blogger and parenting advisor, specialising in resilience and wellbeing skills for our under 7’s.

I always think that one of the most important traits for our children to have, one of the most effective ways of having a lasting feeling of well-being, is for them to be positive in their thoughts and all they do. To be the glass half full person and not the glass half empty. It’s our responsibility to show them how and be the best role model we can be.
I had a busy morning ahead of me today, with an important appointment …

Good News: I took the dogs out this morning. It was beautiful, the sun was warm, there was no-one around. It was a typical May day – everything in bloom and vibrant green. I had a busy day ahead, it was a great way to re-charge my batteries and get ready for the week.
Bad News: Just before we arrived back to the car our black dog found THE ONLY PUDDLE in the field and proceeded to ignore my appeals for her to “Come here” as she rolled in it. I had an appointment for 11am, with a 40 minute drive. The more irate I got with her – the more she rolled.
Good News: As I got to the car she decided that she would come home after all, and jumped in.
Bad News: As she got into the car, she shook all over as only dogs can. It was immediately obvious that she had not rolled in liquid mud. She had in fact rolled in liquid cow sh*t.
Good News: A quick check confirmed that I didn’t have any of it on me (I now had about 35 minutes to get to my appointment).
Bad News: As I got her out of the car and led her to the downstairs shower, she shook again. Covering the hallway and me, in minute drops of cow sh*t.
Good News: Managed to get her in the shower without any fuss. Cleaned her up in record time with ‘Head & Shoulders’ – I know it’s not dog shampoo – I was beyond caring. I put her in the kitchen and went upstairs to wash and change clothes.
Bad News: I now had 30 minutes to get to my appointment.
Good News: The traffic wasn’t too bad, I was making good time…
Bad News: … then I noticed I had no petrol.
Good News: I was right near Sainsbury’s. Petrol? – no problem.
Bad News: There was a LONG queue for petrol.
Good News: There was another (though more expensive) petrol station nearby.
Bad News: I now had 20 minutes to get to my appointment and find parking.
Good News: The traffic parted for me, I made it into a parking space right outside – and reached reception with seconds to spare.
Bad News: The receptionist happily informed me that I was an hour early for my appointment AT TWELVE O’CLOCK!!
Good news: I could get a cold drink, put some make-up on … and breathe in the sweet aroma of my poo covered car in the baking hot weather – and I could laugh.

Positivity in life, is so very important for us all to practice. If we make it a way of life – and our children see us doing that, practising that. Then we will be helping them through a future where not every day is a bed of roses – and sometimes it’s a pile of cow poo.

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