Want to know the secret to happiness?

Have you ever wondered what is it that makes us happy? Shahida Rashid knows the secret…

How do we become happy? How do we improve relationships? I figured it out, the secret sauce to happiness and abundance is simply you being happy. That’s right, it’s as simple as that. 

All we need to do is make ourselves happy and everything else will just fall into place. This may sound wishy washy to some of you who are reading this, I was that person 2 years ago so I totally understand where you’re coming from. 

Sometimes we just let life take over and live on autopilot and we end up missing out on the beauty of the day, all because we are not present. We think about everyone else except for ourselves and we end up feeling exhausted or burnt out. This then creates further health and relationship problems which also then feeds into our business.

So, how do we make ourselves happy?

Do one thing every day that makes you happy

It can be as simple as drinking coffee on your own in the garden away from everyone or having a long bubble bath with scented candles. 

Make time for yourself and do that thing that you always wanted to do. It could be a business idea, a hobby, a trip that you always wanted to go on.  

Look after yourself, which means treating your body well. Eat food that will nourish you and be mindful of what you feed to your body. 

Keep active and move your body. You can start with a gentle walk and then take baby steps and add more exercise to your week. This will not only give you energy but also make you feel happy as your body will release happy chemicals. 

Do one thing for someone else

This can be as little as paying someone a compliment in the playground to even starting your own charity. When we give, we get so much more in return. The giving creates an endless ripple and you end up living a more abundant life. 

When we are happy, we are more fun and we have better energy. That’s the energy that will attract good people in your life.

If you’re in a relationship or you’re married, you will be even more attractive to your spouse/partner because you’re in your element and you’re thriving and that’s attractive on its own. This will eliminate neediness, jealousy and trying too hard, lets face it, all of these are a turn off and so not attractive. When we let go and let things happen naturally, knowing that everything is going to work out for us, that’s when the magic happens. 

When we are happy inside, we shine and glow from the inside out and that’s when your real beauty oozes out. 

Choose to smile today…

Even if you have to fake it. Happiness is a choice, we can choose to be happy right now and be grateful for what we have or we can be sad and dwell on all the things that are not going right for us. 

When our cup is full, we can be better mothers, better partners, better lovers and better person overall to every soul we meet. 

Do the things you love and fill your cup up until it’s flowing over. Start living today.

Photo by Cata on Unsplash

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