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Do you want to be a part of our dynamic tribe spreading the MNC message across the UK?

Do you love social media ? Are you familiar with Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram? Do you have a website or blog ?

Are you familiar with the MNC ethos?

MNC are looking for brand ambassadors, a tribe of social influencers to spread the MNC message across the U.K. Take a look at the requirements below and if you think this is an exciting opportunity with your name on it then get in touch MNC HQ, sarag@agoodgossip.co.uk to explore the role. The Brand Ambassador role will become part of your business marketing funnel, it will create opportunities and raise your profile all through doing what you already love doing! It is your time to stand out from the crowd. The Brand Ambassador role will by extended to unique individuals that fit the criteria below.

What is a Brand Ambassador?

  • The friendly approachable face of the MNC Brand
  • Super active networker and natural connector within our community (attends different meetings and special events )
  • Social media savvy (across a multiple channels )
  • A member that loves MNC and truly understands the value of belonging to the MNC community
  • A member that has experienced first hand the benefit of belonging to the MNC community
  • They are credible and trustworthy
  • A member who brings our passion for supporting the Mumpreneur community to life
  • Is an enthusiastic and loyal member with an authentic voice on the positive outcomes of attending MNC
  • Proactive sharer of MNC experience
  • Offers valuable feedback to MNC to help improve our members experience

What sort of things will our Brand Ambassadors do?

  • Create buzz for a new launch or new campaign – go to a meeting or event, share the experience and write about it on social networks (blogs, posts, pictures, videos, etc). An example of such content would be posting a selfie at event or recording a Facebook live video.
  • Share brand messages on social networks – we might ask you to share a specific posts to your networks across your social media channels.
  • Give feedback on marketing messaging for future launches, while being among the first to experience them!
  • Write a blog with a business based theme that we can share with our community
  • Post the Brand Ambassador Badge on your website

What are the benefits of being an MNC Brand Ambassador?

  • We’ll highlight your achievements
  • Profile photo, websites, links to your blogs and social media will be added to website
  • You’ll be among the first to hear our new initiatives!
  • We’ll share and retweet your posts and images if you tag us- put your business in front of our social media followers
  • You’ll be invited to our Ambassadors reception twice a year for Networking and training
  • You will get that “Feel Good Factor” – experience personal satisfaction and sense of achievement through supporting other business owners
  • This is a big confidence booster, we at MNC HQ always believe you are capable of more and this is your chance to increase your confidence, become more self assured and feel ready to take on bigger business challenges
  • You will without a doubt meet lots of other amazing people and walk away ready to super charge your business
  • Contact sarag@themnchub.com

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