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Devoting your time, effort, or money to a charity is mutually beneficial endeavour. Aside from worthy causes gaining funds, we’ve all heard how doing good for charity is good for the soul. From the very foundation of our childhood, where we were taught “sharing was caring”, the idea of selflessly giving has been built into our society and culture.

Giving to charity (whether that be in the form of a donation, your involvement in an event, or simply volunteering), has been proven to give us that ‘feel good factor’, of better mental and physical wellbeing. In addition, it gives us a feeling of purpose and a chance to feel that we are ‘making a difference’: something which many may feel is missing in their lives.

Increasingly however, businesses are realising the power and influence they can gain from joining forces with a charity. Despite charities being non-profit ventures, the benefits of using your business to further promote a charitable cause go far beyond simply seeing your money being put to good use. So what are these benefits, and how can Mumpreneurs make the most of them?

Why link up with a charity?

1 Finances.
So maybe you thought giving would never amount to you, or your business, actually saving money. But infact, you could reduce your Corporation Tax by making a business donation. Whether that be in the form of money, items you make or sell, land, property, shares, employees or sponsorship payments, all can be claimed for tax relief.

2 Your brand
A charity can give your business a moral stance, represent your brand’s values, and effectively give your company that ‘human’ edge. A company with strong charity ties, is demonstrating its non profit driven ethos which customers are more likely to trust and engage with. It gives your business an opportunity to engage with whole new space which you may be seldom able to access: a chance to really make a difference to your community.

3 Employee morale
Business experts Forbes Magazine recognized how charity giving is undisputably beneficial for office morale. Giving your employees a purpose, other than their work is not only motivating but can boost creativity and build on their team working skills.

How to choose the right charity?

To ensure that both your business and the cause are both getting the most out of this relationship, you’ve got to carefully consider which one(s) to support. Finding a charity which matches your company’s ethos, values, and motivations is key.

Rely on local business? Explore what charity work is being done in your community and get your business involved: a great opportunity to immerse your company in your local spheres and make great connections.

Finally look toward your own customers or workers. Perhaps one of your employees is heavily involved in a charity, or has even created their own foundation. Using your business to directly benefit a charity which you, your customers, or employees are deeply devoted to will create a vital business bond: humanising your business.

What difference can we make together?

A simple way to get involved with a charity, initially, is to get on board with one a campaign. Most, if not all, charities throw themselves into annual campaigns to raise awareness and funds for their work. Many offer fundraising packs, and readily accept company partnerships.

Take Marie Curie for example, who provide palliative care and support to those with terminal illnesses and their families. From donning a daffodil pin, to baking a cake for a morning tea, or even hosting a company dress down event, there are a multitude of ways you can involve your business in this year’s push. Now, more than ever, people are looking for answers and support in the plight against terminal illness, as our communities are growing every older. For more information on how you can get involved with Marie Curie, visit their campaign website.

If you are looking to take your small business to the next level, or even simply add another facet to your already successful company, than supporting a charity is a simple way to achieve your goals—and an opportunity to make a wider impact.

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