How Accountability Works for You and Your Business

On 13th March 2023 here at My Networking Club, we will be launching a new online, live Accountability service for our members. 

With the majority of our members being solopreneurs, sole traders, freelancers and other small business owners, we really believe accountability is something that will truly and positively support them to gain success and growth.  Both for their businesses and personal lives.

Accountability is the act of being responsible for what you do and being able to give a satisfactory reason for doing it.  Did you know that being accountable, both in your business and in your personal life is really good for you?

Here are top 12 reasons why working accountably is such good news – from MNC Head of Community Kate Henwood.

Kate will be hosting our live members accountability sessions on Monday mornings commencing 13th March 2023.

MNC Members can access these free sessions, on Zoom, by logging in to their members dashboard, here on the MNC Website 

  1. You become responsible for getting stuff done We are all good at talking about what we are going to do – accountability ensures that we actually do it! Actions speak louder than words…
  2. You become proud of your achievements and own your actions How great is it when you can look at something that you’ve achieved, and you can say “I did that!”? Taking responsibility for doing something makes it yours and increases our pride in our work and our actions
  3. You ditch the blame When no one is accountable for a task, it’s easy to deny responsibility for it not being done or for it going wrong… when you are accountable for a task or part of a task, you’re much more likely to complete it and do it well because you know that others know that it’s your responsibility.
  4. You improve your skills and understanding Every time you perform a task, there is always the opportunity to improve on it. It may be a tiny tweak or a greater understanding of why this works or where that action fits in a process, but there’s always a learning opportunity.
  5. You grow and develop Accountability is a great way to see how far you’ve progressed and what you might do differently. If you are responsible for an ongoing task, review it frequently, see what you can change, what you have changed, what’s improved and where there is scope to change in the future.
  6. You can! When you realise how far you have come by being accountable and owning what you do, you feel more confident in your abilities. I don’t think I need to explain how great a confident person is at their game.
  7. You build trust People trust confidence. When you have confidence in what you do, nothing on earth can stop you from shouting about it. Believe me, people love confident people who show a sense of belief in their abilities. How can you be confident? By being accountable and believing in yourself and what you do.
  8. You validate your thoughts and ideas When you look closely on your thoughts and ideas, you question HOW you can get from A to B. There may be many ways to get there and that’s ok. You’ll find the one that works for you, but not necessarily at the first attempt. And that’s ok too. And that’s all part of being accountable.
  9. You think differently Accountability enables you to think out of the box. It allows you to take challenging steps to better your skills. Remember, every challenge is a step towards your goal. And every goal is a step further from your starting point – it’s called progress.
  10. You learn more about yourself Accountability gives you an insight into your own abilities. It helps to remove obstacles and assess your limits. Where you place your limits is all up to you, though. You can do everything you set your mind to, so there’s always that extra mile you can go to deliver superior quality and experience. Accountability teaches you to take that initiative.
  11. You master Imposter Syndrome Imposter Syndrome is the bugbear of many of us. Accountability enables you to grasp this limitation and remove it. It teaches you to be calm and collected about your perceived inabilities as opposed to an unaccountable individual who’s unhappy and insecure over them.
  12. You build connections People like socialising with individuals who are confident, secure, collected, calm and accountable. Therefore, accountability ultimately enables you to build stronger long-lasting relationships, be they personal or business.

MNC Members are welcome Monday mornings between 9 and 10am to set up their “Must Do’s” and “Top Priorities” for the week, attendees also gain access to Kates dedicated Monday Motivation Facebook group.  This helps participants to stick to their intentions and then come back and tell us how they got on, and what’s next!

If you are not an MNC Member and would like to become one to access this and other member benefits, please checkout our membership options.  If you would like a trial accountability session with Kate, please contact Kate The Friendly Business Buddy directly.

It is not only what we do but also what we do not do, for which we are accountable – Moliere



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