Introducing The MNC Gold Membership

In our previous post talking about the new MNC Memberships we introduced the new Flexi Plan Membership and the new MNC Pro Membership: Now we are going to take a look at the new MNC Gold Membership Plan, why we created it and why it may be suitable for you and your business.  Don’t forget you can compare all the MNC Membership Plans here.

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MNC Gold Membership

We created MNC Gold as a premium membership for business owners who either want to do more with My Networking Club in terms of promoting their own business or who would like to create or grow their own networking business with all the support, knowledge and infrastructure of an experienced business networking organisation.

Previously, the only way to build your own networking business within MNC was to become an MNC Manager, which was similar to a franchise business model in that MNC Managers had to pay a license fee to ‘own’ their geographical area.  We wanted to make building your business network within MNC more flexible and adaptable to online as well as in-person networking.  We do still have our Community Leaders, who were previously MNC Managers that chose to remain on the existing model due to the time and investment they have made in developing their networking business.

MNC Gold Membership is not only focused on growing a business network, it also brings a whole host of bonus privileges, any one of which could be the feature that makes MNC Gold the right membership for you.  

In summary, MNC Gold Membership includes ALL your business networking both online and in-person plus:

  • All MNC UK Meetings
  • Priority for Roundtable Places
  • Access to The MNC Hub Training and Resources and exclusive Gold Members resources at no additional cost
  • Posts on MNC Marketplace
  • 1 free MNC Website Advertising Position for 12 months
  • 50% off additional MNC Website Advertising Rates
  • Priority for Sponsorship Opportunities
  • 7% Commission on Membership Referrals and Training Sales
  • Priority for Co-branded Collaboration Opportunities
  • Host your own unlimited MNC Events
  • Send a representative in your place

Here’s the business proposition to consider:

If you invest £495 (standard price of MNC Gold Membership – watch out for offers), you get all the enhanced promotional opportunities and resources offered by the membership PLUS you can start to hold your own networking events – we will help you find a venue, give you all the tips and tricks and formats for running a successful professional meeting. We will promote your events using the MNC Website, Social Media, Email Marketing and provide you with digital promotional assets to use on your own marketing. It’s a networking business straight off the shelf!  PLUS not only do you have your events to promote you business at, you have ours and other members events to attend as well.

At current standard membership prices you would only need to sign-up 2 new Pro Members a month and a Gold Member every other month to whizz straight past your £495 initial investment – your networking cost you nothing, and you have £130 extra on top!  That’s just an example because you also have Monthly Memberships and Training products that are also commission earning.

MNC Gold is great for business owners who have built up their own network and are looking to take the next step towards growing their network as a business without having to go back to the drawing board or start from scratch.  If you are interested in finding out more about Gold Membership or have a particular feature you would like to see included, please drop us a line in our website chat – just click on the bubble in the corner – MNC Gold is brand new, we’ve created it for our members to be able to make the most of their business networking, if they want to, and we’re open to hearing what you need from it.

Details about each element of membership in general can be found in our previous post about Pro Membership.



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