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MNC Pro is our most direct replacement for the previous MNC Regional Membership, but with lots of added extras! In summary, MNC Pro Membership includes ALL your business networking both online and in-person plus:

  • All MNC UK Meetings
  • Access to Roundtable Places
  • Access to The MNC Hub Training and Resources
  • Posts on MNC Marketplace
  • 50% off MNC Website Advertising Rates
  • Access to Sponsorship Opportunities
  • 4% Commission on Membership Referrals and Training Sales
  • Co-branded Collaboration Opportunities
  • Host your own MNC Event

MNC Pro Membership is ideal for business owners looking for a low-cost, low-commitment networking opportunity for their business.  The membership is great for start-ups and established business alike. The training resources provided cover an expanding range of topics from the very beginning of starting up a business through to detailed marketing, strategy and business development guides.

Pro Membership is paid annually only in order to keep the subscription as low-priced as possible, our only monthly paid membership is now the MNC Flexi Plan.

We have been paying great attention to what our members and business owners tell us they are looking for from their business networking memberships and we believe we have a good mix of both networking opportunities (which will only increase as everyone gets back to business), business and community support.

We have an active plan to trial new networking times, new event formats and meeting locations.  There are also some fantastic new venues on board (and more joining) – we will announce these are confirmed but you can always find the latest active events, meetings and live training in the MNC Meeting & Event Planner

MNC Marketplace

MNC Marketplace is a publicly accessible Facebook Group that only MNC Members can post in but anyone can see – it’s a great place to promote your products and services to a wider audience.


The plan is for these discussion sessions to form the basis of blog posts and articles created by MNC featuring our members. Gold Plan members are currently guaranteed a place at roundtable events as places are limited to 4-8 members which will vary depending on the topic. Pro Members can access any spare roundtable spaces at no additional cost.

Advertising and Sponsorships

The MNC Website is implementing a new platform for serving advertisements on the site aimed at giving our advertisers and sponsors more visibility and improved service. There are ad positions in the sidebar next to the blog articles and below the content on selected pages.  We may introduce some ad positions within the blog content. A full rate card will be available. MNC Pro and Gold Members get 50% discount on the rate card prices. MNC Gold Members also get 1 ad position free for 12 months.

MNC HQ is also considering the availability of sponsorship options in the header and footer of the site and for any particular event.  These would be headline sponsorships and anyone interested in finding out more about how they could work with us in this way should contact us at info@themnchub.com

The MNC Pro membership also offers the opportunity to collaborate with MNC on co-branded resources and training materials.  It’s a great way to demonstrate expertise and locate evergreen content on our website where it can be accessed by other Pro and Gold Members. It can also potentially be sold publicly on a revenue-sharing basis, either as part of the MNC Library or as a stand-alone digital product.


If a Pro Member refers another business owner to join MNC, they will receive a 4% commission via our commissions affiliate system.  In order to do this, all the Pro Member has to do is to share their personal unique link when recommending.  This means your link can be shared on social media, your website, your link in comments page, blog posts etc., and the system will do the rest.  Commissions are paid via PayPal and can be downloaded from the Commissions link on the members website dashboard. All current members will have access to register by the end of this week.

Hosting MNC Events

As a Pro Member we invite you to host your own event once a year! This could be online or in-person and we will give you all the MNC Technology, Infrastructure and Marketing assistance to make it a success.  We will be adding an event submission form to the members dashboard shortly, but in the meantime, if you are a Pro or Legacy Plan Member and have an idea for an event you would like to host, just drop a line to members@themnchub.com and we’ll get the ball rolling!

See the latest offers and compare all our membership plans.

Join MNC Pro

MNC Gold Plan Memberships will be coming up next …..

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