Stand Up and Stand Out

Why its good to stand out from the crowd

Many of us operate in a crowded market place and it is key to stand out in the crowd, to ensure you get noticed and more importantly remembered. Your mission is to place your business at the forefront of people’s minds.

Standing out means you need to have a strong brand that is easily recognised, familiar and creates trust.

Your potential clients need a good reason to choose you over the next person. Be the best version you can be! You know how good you are but you need to be VISIBLE and show us how good you really are.

We discussed this very topic at our Twitter hour in May with lots of valuable contributions from our network.

Top Take-Away Tips from Stand Up and Stand Out

  1. Don’t be afraid to stand out, you just never know what will happen.
  2. Think Out for the box, don’t be afraid to get creative, collaboration with other businesses.
  3. Video is not a natural medium for most of us -but lots of practice makes it easier!
  4. If you get negative comments online – addresses quickly and use the opportunity to let your expertise shine
  5. Have a go at Blogging it will push you up google rankings lots and create great talking points
  6. Putting yourself out there can be so good for you personally and from a business perspective – take a strategic approach, plan the next 6 months
  7. Supporting a charity is a great way to do that! A few madcap antics always help!
  8. Offer to do free work or give raffle prizes to charities! You never know what doors it will open. Make use of the events and get behind the scenes photo, so you can create social media content for your business
  9. Know your brand story. If you wear a uniform, wear it to meetings, or take your kit, anything that helps people make a connection. It also gives people a reason to approach you and start a conversation
  10. Clear, helpful communications with an audience with content worth sharing.

Read through our Wakelet Summary and be inspired


Why is it important to stand out in business?

What are the benefits of increasing the visibility of your business?

What actions can you take to make your business more visible?

Can you share an example of how you increased the visibility of your business?

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