How to Handle 3 Major Life-Changing Events

MNC Member Clair Zenden helps families to avoid a life of compromises by being happier, healthier and better protected.  In this blog post, she talks about 3 major life-changing events and how to handle them.

Clair Zenden

New Home, New Baby, New Business?

Exciting and stressful in equal measure, don’t you think?!

But still, these times will often trigger a review of your finances, and the review should include life protection needs.

You Buy a HOUSE

Mortgage protection. Designed to pay off your mortgage should you die. 

I have this protection and it gives me peace of mind that my family could remain in our home if the unthinkable were to happen.  The emotional stress would be hard enough, without finances being a factor.

You Have a BABY

Whole of life protection. I have fond memories of gazing at both of my babies immediately after they were born and a strange sense of mortality hit me!  No more parachuting or extreme adventures for me. 

It’s a good idea to have some financial protection in place for your children, regardless of whether you have a mortgage or not.  Whether it be to give them a nest egg or to pay for their upkeep should anything happen to you.  The value of the nest egg is up to you.

You Start a BUSINESS

Income protection or serious illness protection. Designed to pay you should you not be able to work.  How would you pay the bills, mortgage and groceries if your business income dried up because you couldn’t work?

Do these life-changing events sound familiar? Have you experienced them?

If you would like to review your protection needs then talk to Claire, who is part of the Bounce network.

She works with an amazing protection broker which offers friendly, trusted advice and the lowest rates from an extensive panel of providers.  And, there are no fees and no obligation.  Just a 30 minutes chat on the phone. 

Meet more members like Clair with expert support and connections by booking a meeting.

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