The Queens Of WingWalking

Mumpreneurs, directors, founders, award winners and now Queens of WingWalking, Nicky and Sara tell us what standing on a plane and flying through the air has taught them.

What did we learn from challenging our inner mettle?

We cemented the view that leaving your comfort zone takes effort, practice, mental resilience and lots of time invested.  Over the years we have started with small steps that have gradually become bigger strides. 

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Bravery isn’t a given.  It takes practice and tenacity and without a doubt, you can build up your inner brave ninja. But there are no short cuts. 

No one on the team had ever done a wing walk before. But they all had one thing in common, an inner desire for adventure.  Talking to the team confirmed that you build up to big brazen brave events and everyone had done different activities, events and challenges before – just not on this scale! 

You need a clear goal to face your self-doubt and overcome your inner fears. A plan of action is also essential. Take the time to invest in you, it won’t happen without a clear goal. This challenge saw Nicky invest 60 hours of training, two hours a week, for 7 months which totals a whopping 60 hours getting in shape, in order to fly. Add to that the runs outside and you get the picture about how much effort she’d invested in this challenge.

Imagine what you could do if you invested that much effort and time in yourself and your business? 

You have seen the icing on the cake, the tip of the iceberg! Not the years of multiple events & challenges to get there. Although you might have done if you have followed our decade in business. 

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To chase yourself out of your comfort zone, you will need to develop your strategies for tackling self-doubt, and approaching risk with balance and calm. Plus learn to put strategies in place when you are overwhelmed with a sense of panic. 

Feed your inner Brave Ninja

Over time, with much practice, trips and tumbles along the way you can develop your core infrastructure so you can see the risk and manage it. You’ll feel the fear and redirect it, hear the self-doubt and tell it to take a running jump! You will be able to do this because you will have various points of reference that guide you. You will have experienced the feelings or something similar and know you can overcome it, if you just take a deep breath.

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Set your own ‘Big brave’ goal. It won’t be the same for everyone.

For some it will be calling a business associate to make a proposal, for some, it will be deciding to do something they’ve never done before, you decide what braver is to you and your business. Look around you.  What are others in your community getting involved in? What are people you admire doing now? What did they do to start being brave? Model their journey – don’t be put off by what they are doing now, use it as inspiration. Be accountable! Tell people what your goal is and make it public! A little accountability goes a very long way. 

✅ Dream Big ✅ Start Small ✅ Take Action

Every single person, on every single event, project, or mission had to take the first steps and begin their journey somewhere.  Find your somewhere, and take your first step.

  1. Commit to take action
  2. Set a goal with the date and time 
  3. Work backwards and pencil in your diary all the meetings, training and prep that it will take to make it happen
  4. Find a friend or partner and sign them up as an accountability buddy.

And tell us what you’re up too! We’d love to support you. We know how important support is to success and we’re here to do exactly that! 

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Thank you to Kate Henwood Photography for all a fabulous photos of the day and to Mi Elverson from The Vlog Academy for our pre event photo shoot.

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