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Like everything else, the world of business networking has been turned on it’s head, spun around a few times and shaken up over the past couple of years.

As business owners, we are all gradually moving on from those challenging times with hope of a positive future in a truly unstable and disrupted world.

It’s going to take some time for everyone’s business environments to stabilise, many are still in a state of flux and facing new and unexpected challenges caused by supply chain issues, rising costs and staffing.

As a business service, we have to ensure that our members are at the centre of everything we do, that we are truly serving our customers. We have listened, we have analysed, we have brainstormed and come up with a selection of memberships that we feel should cover most businesses with what they need at any one time.

MNC also needs to be flexible, if there is something in these plans that needs adjusting according to feedback, we will make adjustments as possible and necessary. We are here to help, to support and make sure our members squeeze every ounce of business juice out of their My Networking Club membership. We will provide educational materials, tip sheets and guides, facilitate collaborations and marketing opportunities and host the best mix of online, in-person business networking and special events to lift up small businesses throughout the UK and beyond.

12 years of professional small business networking success, along with taking all our networking meetings online during the pandemic has allowed MNC to draw on experience, make decisions about what we believe the small business community needs whilst building a new structure and strategy for My Networking Club.

So here it is, welcome to the NEW MNC Memberships, we’ll start with ….

MNC Flexi Plan logo

MNC Flexi Plan

The MNC Flexi Plan is a completely new membership that truly offers a flexible membership option. It is our only pay monthly plan and comes with no commitment beyond the month a member signs up for. So long as a flexi-plan is paid up it gives access to all our online and in-person networking meetings and events that are included for members. It also provides access to the Members-Only Facebook Group and The MNC Marketplace on Facebook. It also includes monthly access to our business training library.

Who is the Flexi Plan best for? We created this plan to cover a variety of business requirements including: 

  • Business only wants to attend online meetings during a specific season
  • Business is located remotely or outside the UK but may visit
  • Someone simply wants to try My Networking Club for a month or more
  • A business has a specific campaign or product that they want to network
  • A business is uncertain about the future

We also have the new MNC Pro Plan, MNC Gold Plan, Our Helping Hands and Charity Memberships.  We are still putting the finishing touches to the Helping Hands and Charity memberships – if you have an interest in those, or indeed have any questions then contact us using the chat here on our website or via email to members@themnchub.com and we will be happy to help.  There’s another article coming up next about the Pro and Gold plans, however you can click through to see a full comparison of our membership plans.

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