New Social Media Networking for A New Era

As business starts to settle to a new rhythm at My Networking Club HQ, we’ve been having lots of conversations about how to best serve our membership and our wider community. 

Every business is getting used to a brave new dawn post pandemic and MNC is no exception.  We’ve been listening to all your feedback at meetings and are now ready, with Carolyn Strand as co skipper, to get on a mission to support and connect both members and the wider community, as we all face the challenges of this new business era. 

We are delighted to reopen our public Facebook group, to give small businesses a look at how we do things in the MNC community and connect them and our members.  The support and connection in our community is legendary. 

Here is a handy guide to our Facebook channels, so you can find out how best to use our groups to help with your business presence to your advantage.

Handy guide!

What are the MNC groups?

MNC Marketplace

My Networking Club Members group

Small Business Networking across the UK with MNC   

MNC Marketplace

Status – Public group

Who can join? Anyone after agreeing to the group rules.

Who can post? Any networking member of MNC can post for FREE  – it’s a membership perk! We also offer a Marketplace only mini-Membership which allows non-networking members to post in our Marketplace at a cost of £25 a year

How often? Once a day

Who can see my posts? Everyone on Facebook – it’s a public group!

What can I post? This is a marketplace for products and services.  Think of this group as your market stall or billboard.  Share your publicly available offers and your promotions – what can we buy from you?

My Networking Club Members group

Status – private group MNC members only

Who can join? Only paid full  members of MNC after agreeing to the group rules.

Who can post? Full MNC Members and MNC HQ only

Who can see my posts? Only the members in this private group.  

What can I post? This is your membership huddle! Share your top tips to help other members. Your member recommendations and testimonials.  Who have you worked with? What do you need help with? Who would you like to work with? It’s the place to continue your networking conversations from the meetings.  This is where your membership communications will be.   We’ll share our member news and you can share yours! If you have events and special offers for members this is the place to share it.  We want to hear about your workshops and events – anything our members can benefit from.    

Small Business Networking across the UK with MNC (formally MNC online business networking)

Status – Public group

Who can join? Any accepted small /micro business owner after agreeing to the group rules.

Who can post? Any member of this group.

What can I post? You can start discussions , post top tips,  help other businesses, join in with conversations, connect with other business owners. Follow the posting guidelines, which are very easy to follow.  Use the weekly posts to tell us what’s going on in your business.  Join in with our Monday Mission – tell us this week’s goal – let’s keep you accountable.  What’s on Wednesday – what’s happening – tell us about your events, new products, new offers, updates and blog posts etc. Feedback Friday – ask for feedback on what you’ve been working on or tell us how the week went, what wins have you had big or small – tell us all! You may find the occasional ‘flash’ promotional opportunities in here too.

We’re trying to help our members reach as many like-minded business people as possible, using social media as effectively and creating as many opportunities as possible. 

In summary:

Ads, selling, promotions – Marketplace

Anything involving members, membership, support and collaborations – Members Only Group

Engaging broadly, getting feedback, spreading news – Open Group

We’re looking forward to many new and engaging interactions with everyone in the world of small business and there are many more new and exciting announcements coming for our members!

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  1. Barbara Hibbart

    Hi The Members Directory is a great way to find people if you know what they do ie I am a Coach. However if I meet someone at an event and want to contact them but can’t remember what they do, the Directory doesn’t help. It would be lovely to have a search facility under members names?

    • cjstrand007

      Hi Barbara – a very good point and one reason why we are replacing the directory – you will find a link in the new membership dashboard (just login on the website) and click on the Members Directory box to add your information. When a few more members have added their details, we will put it live, replacing the current directory and it’s completely searchable 🙂


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