Did you know today is Random Acts of Kindness day?

Did you know today 17th February is ‘Random Acts of Kindness day’ ?

Here’s how MNC members and followers can make a difference in the MNC community.

We know small actions can have a big impact. One simple gesture can change the course of someone’s day.

Here are 7 super easy random acts of kindness that you can do help a member of the MNC Community .

In January we had 350 visits to our meetings, so imagine if our community could create 350+ random acts of kindness in February.

Pick one and know you’re making a positive difference!

✅ Connect on social media and offer to meet up for coffee to find out how you can help them.

✅ Send a message to someone when you see a relevant meme, link , event or social media post and say today I saw this and thought of you!

✅ Find a Ted talk that resonates and share it with friends.

✅ Hand over a small thoughtful gift/card at the next meeting to someone that has shown you support.

✅ Post a positive review on their Business Facebook page or Google my Business account.

✅ When someone needs some help and you know you have the knowledge to be that help , offer an hour of your time.

✅ Finally , here’s the easy way to make a massive difference to someone’s meeting experience. SMILE ? and make a nervous networker feel welcome .


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